Tips on How to Skydive

Tips on How to Skydive

More and more people are attracted by this unique extreme sport and want to learn how to skydive. However, anybody who wants to do this must firstly understand the basics and to be aware of the risks. Most of those who tried skydiving without knowing how to do it freaked out, but this won’t be your case if you will apply the tips listed below.

1. Ask for assistance: you have the option to experience the thrill of skydiving by jumping in tandem with an experienced instructor strapped on your back. This will give you the luxury to fully enjoy the ride of your life having the peace of mind you are safe. There will be no pressure on you, so you will be able to enjoy each new sensation. The instructor will pull the cord at the right time, so you won’t need to stay under pressure.

2. Remember your lessons: it is imperative to take a few skydiving lessons on the ground before you actually skydive. Most of your fears will arise from a lack of knowledge regarding how to skydive. Try to recall your lessons and think positive, because skydiving is not that hard. If you get confused, remember what you’ve learned and try to maintain your calm.

3. Make sure you are over 18 years old and weigh less than 250 pounds: these are two basic conditions of skydiving. Moreover, you need to be in good health and to make sure you haven’t drunk any alcohol lately. Try not to wear clothes that could limit your moves, such as sandals and tight clothes.

4. Prepare your mind: it happened to many people who practiced skydiving for the first time. Just when they were about to jump, they’ve experienced a few seconds of fear. These second thoughts of whether or not to jump are extremely common nowadays, and you might need to face them. Right when you will feel your heart pounding very hard and you feel an urge to step back and tell the pilot to land, then is the moment you need to step forward and show yourself and others you fear nothing. In order to get past this moment, it is imperative to prepare your mind a few hours before the jump.

There are many ways to prepare your mind in order to learn how to skydive, but probably one of the easiest and most widespread method is to convince your intellect that there is nothing more interesting and attractive in the whole world than a jump. Convince yourself that you really want to experience the thrill of a jump and you can be sure your mind is prepared for anything.

5. Press one of the pressure points on your hand: the specialists discovered that there are many pressure points on your palm which can help reduce the stress when pressed. By stimulating some of these points, you will soon realize you can think more clearly about that jump and you can also breathe easier. In order to learn how to skydive properly, you need to conquer your fears, and what easier way to do that than to press a few pressure points?