Insurance Fraud – the Dumb Criminal Chronicles 3

Insurance Fraud – the Dumb Criminal Chronicles 3

One of the greatest challenges insurance companies face is the ferreting out of insurance fraud. Wherever there is a chance that someone can get paid for submitting a fraudulent claim, there are also stupid people who are willing to give it a try.

Here are some recent examples. The names have been omitted to protect the stupid:

1. Cops should know better.

COLUMBIA, KY: A cop and his wife have been arrested and charged with arson and perjury in the case of insurance fraud on a house they owned. ” Enforcement” is a Kentucky State should I a Trooper. They have been indicted and will be tried for the fire that occurred in October 2009.

2. Sharing the wealth doesn’t pay.

Investigators at the Georgia Department of Insurance have arrested the man they allege was the “ringleader” in a fraudulent auto accident scheme that collected over $95,000 from various insurers.

A Savannah man was charged with three counts of insurance fraud. Each count could get him ten years in prison.

Our intrepid felon filed 16 claims involving vehicles he either owned or previously owned, or claims involving people who were associates.

3. If you can skydive, maybe you’re OK.

HUDSON FALLS, NY: A New York press operator, claimed a back injury which allowed him to collect insurance benefits for about 18 months until he was discovered skydiving. He also did hot air ballooning, hiking, firefighting and heavy construction. His downfall was when he posted his activities on Facebook.

Insurance fraud is serious business, since claims paid on fraudulent claims cost ALL of us higher premiums. It’s no different than shoplifting at a retailer. Stores simply add the cost of their “shrinkage” to the cost of the goods you and I pay for.

Report any suspected insurance fraud to the police. And know that most of the time, criminals get caught.