Give Yourself a New Lease on Life by Skydiving

Give Yourself a New Lease on Life by Skydiving

Why not take a chance? Life is all about chance, some people take them and achieve things, some other people sit back and play it safe and never really go far. The question you really have to ask yourself if you are wondering what kind of person you are, is would you go skydiving?

OK it doesn’t have to be skydiving, but you get the general idea. The question is do you take risks? Do you take chances? Are you prepared to do something completely crazy? If the answer to any of those questions is no then there is no need to worry, there is nothing that can’t be fixed with a little hard work and time. I spend years of my life mulling around going nowhere and missing out on all the opportunities that life has to offer.

The good news is that all you have to do to make the change is take one little step, do something that you would dream of doing. I chose skydiving because it is so different from anything that we do in our day to day lives. It was the trigger that would kill the old me and release a whole new animal into the world.

Not being too keen on heights, I was dubious about whether or not this was the right thing to kick start the new me. However, after being reassured how safe it was and that I would be in tandem with another professional skydiver. I realised it was time to face my fear and confront it.

Little did I know how great the effect that going skydiving would have on me and I was glad that I had a professional skydiver with me, as I would not have had the guts to throw myself out of the plane. Once out of the plane it is one of the most exhilarating experiences you are ever likely to experience, free falling through the sky at a huge range of knots before the canopy opens and you slowly drift down to the ground.

As soon as I hit the ground I felt so alive, buzzing I now had an amazing high and would be able to explain to people what an amazing experience I had at any future parties. Skydiving really did change my life, since taking part in the sky dive I have taken part in a number of different events each time experiencing the adrenaline rush and high that I had before. I’m now more outgoing and I really do feel like a different person. I lead life now, not the other way round.