The Shoe Series – Parkour Shoes

The Shoe Series – Parkour Shoes

Parkour shoes offer more natural and free movement to the user. Though buyers may find them to be a bit on the expensive side, they are worth the price. Ideal Parkour shoes are as light as possible. Wearers walk and run all day. Hence, the less weight they carry, the longer would they train. Usually, it is beneficial to have less added weight to the body as it permits more free and natural movement.

How to Select

When choosing a shoe, arches are usually preferred. These work as safety mechanism while performing precision landings. By using arch in Parkour shoes, you can easily drop the edge of the landing tends and heels into a foot arch.

Avoid Parkour footwear containing hard plastic in the arches. They are likely to cause slippage during climbing. If you land on metal rail, they are bound to cause a nasty slip.

Rubber also plays a vital role in the manufacture of Parkour shoes. It decides the gripping and lasting ability of the shoe. While harder compounds last longer, softer compounds supply more grip and wear down quickly.

Training with Parkour Footwear

Good Parkour shoes offer high sensitivity and touch, promoting refined and solid technique with little hindrance. It also provides freedom of movement and solid landing skill. Landing barefoot is likely to hurt and force you to touch down with minimal impact.

Though it is difficult to get trained with every technique barefooted, amateurs can occasionally take off their Parkour shoes to practice. Once you get a proper grasp of techniques involved in Parkour, you will learn and perform accordingly. Ensure that you train with caution till you get a feel of everything.

Experience and skill will make you an expert. And once you are clear with the technique, you can put them on and amaze everyone with your daredevil stunts!