Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses

Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses

For those who have the need to reduce the glare that is reflected from the water, like boat enthusiasts and fishermen, polarized sunglasses have been popular for years.

Other people who spend time outside enjoy the same benefits of polarized eyewear, making them very popular.

Among those people who spend time outside that see the most benefit from polarized sunglasses are motorcycle riders, skydivers, military personnel, joggers, and golfers, all who may enjoy a clearer view with less glare.

These sunglasses can be used for driving and, can reduce the glare from a long, flat surface such as the car hood or the surface of the road.

Polarized sunglasses also can be worn indoors by people that are sensitive to light, including cataract surgery patients and those that are continually exposed to bright light.

So What Are Polarized Lenses And How Do They Work?

Light that is reflected from a flat surface such as water or the flat surface of a road is usually horizontally polarized, which means that instead of the light displaying in all directions like it normally would, it is only seen reflecting in the horizontal position which causes a very dangerous and intense beam of light.

This beam of light, which we call glare presents us with an unimaginable situation that anyone who has driven in the hours of sunrise or sunset have been subject to, the effects of temporary total blindness hoping that you are holding your line in your own lane of traffic until you can obtain your composure, which actually means being able to see again at all!

The advantage of polarized sunglasses is that they contain a filter that blocks out the type of reflective light that causes the dangerous glare that we are referring to, giving you a much better chance of driving in a safe manner.

There are however some disadvantages to wearing polarized sunglasses as you will notice that you have reduced visibility when trying to view digital displays on your dashboard, your cell phone or at the bank teller machine.

To avoid mistakes in these areas, you might want to slid your very helpful polarized sunglasses up on your forehead or put them up on your hat bill, so you can see your transaction or cell phone and still look good.

But for almost all other sports and other things that you do, you can’t beat polarized sunglasses which now are available with light to dark technology, or LTD, which is great for people that transition from indoors to outdoors frequently during the day.