Water Gear Eco Bar Total Body Workout

Swimming laps alone is a great way to strengthen muscle groups, but if you really want to get the most out of your time in the water, you’ll need a little extra help from resistance training devices. Kickboards, resistance dumbbells, pull buoys and jogging belts can all work wonders for your physique. But a swim bar, one like the Water Gear Eco Swim Bar, can do the job of an entire gear bag full of training devices all in one compact design.

The swim bar is an excellent water aerobic exercise device. Shaped like a traditional barbell, the product features a soft center grip with adjustable foam floats mounted on the two sides. While the product weighs next to nothing at a mere 14 ounces, you’ll be amazed at how much resistance and drag the simple device can create. And high levels of resistance equal strong, long and lean muscles. Get the most out of your water workout by incorporating the Water Gear Eco Swim Bar in your next training session.

Swim Bar Total Body Workout

Start your Swim Bar Total Body Workout by warming up your body and getting your heart rate up to fat burning speed. Begin at the shallow end of the pool and hold the swim bar with both hands out in front of your body. Flutterkick your way to the opposite end of the pool, using the swim bar as a sort of kickboard. You’ll notice right away that this will be quite challenging due to the added resistance of the bar. Repeat as many laps as necessary or until you have reached the desired heart rate.

Once you are fully warmed up, you can start to use the Water Gear Eco Swim Bar to work your upper body muscles. Stand in navel deep water and grip the swim bar with your palms facing the bottom of the pool. With your elbows at a 90-degree angle, push the bar down into the water until you can go no further or your arms are fully straightened. This will help tone the muscles in the back of your arms.

You can then move onto working your core. Strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles is something that just about everyone wants to work on. Start by standing in chest deep water. Grip the bar with both hands, palms down, and either float the swim bar along the surface of the water or, if you’re able to, submerge the device a few inches into the water. Begin turning at the waist and engaging your obliques, those side abdominal muscles, as you twist from side to side. Be sure to keep your lower body still and focus on controlling the motion as you move back and forth.

Incorporate other exercises as you see fit. It doesn’t matter how you’re using the Water Gear Eco Swim Bar as long as you’re working hard, having fun and seeing results.