Types Of Entertainment For Your Event – Article Series, Acrobat

Types Of Entertainment For Your Event – Article Series, Acrobat

In this series of quick articles we will explore all the different types of entertainment there is to offer for your events, meetings, trade shows, private functions and more. Along with suggestions as to where and when to use these entertainers to produce their maximum impact and receive the best return on investment possible.

This weeks feature is: The Acrobat!

Acrobat can mean so many things. People think of break dancers, gymnasts, and anyone who can do a front roll. And all of them are right but you must think about how to effectively use the Acrobat in your event or function to achieve the most return on investment. Do you want them to be part of a message on team building? How about a demonstration on focus or motivation?

One of the hottest forms of Acrobat available today is the Parkour Athlete. Parkour is a relatively new term for something we have all been doing since we were kids, jumping and rolling and diving over things. Although these things have evolved into buildings and jungle gyms and city parks and streets. And the kids are amazing performers with unlimited amounts of courage and confidence.

The best thing about the Parkour Acrobat is the freestyle nature of their performance. They can literally create a course out of anything you see around you. Chairs, desks, tables and steps all become a stage for Parkour Acrobats. The ability to think creatively outside the box makes them unique. Every style is different and every move is approached with a freedom of not knowing what comes next.

Here are a few great ways to use Acrobats:

Making an impact for a product launch.

Opening ceremonies for a meeting.

Trade show booth presentations.

Atmosphere entertainment for galas and awards nights.

Some examples of Acrobats would be:

Adagio Acts – Two people performing a slow hand balancing routine

Cheerleaders – Pyramids and tumbling

Chinese Dragon – Traditional dance with a chinese dragon costume using multiple performers

Wow factor:

With Acrobats you get a first hand look at what great team building skills consist of. They also carry a certain energy that fills the room. People love to see other humans doing the impossible.

So as you can see using Acrobats are a great way to create an event that will provide the attendees with memories that will last a lifetime. They are versatile, most do not need a ton of room. They deliver tremendous ROI!