Ogden, Utah Offers Just As Much Fun in the Summer

Ogden, Utah Offers Just As Much Fun in the Summer

When you picture the mountain tops of Ogden, Utah, one thing comes to mind. Snow. Ogden’s skiing is known for deep, fresh powder and a beautiful mountain retreat that only Utah could provide. But did you know that summers in Ogden are even more exciting than the winter?

Imagine a plush, mountain-side forest with so many outdoor activities that you can make a whole vacation out of it. This mountain town has plenty to offer the outdoor adventurist, here’s what Ogden has to offer:

Hiking – Ogden offers hundreds of trails to meet your personal level of extreme. It’s the best way to see nature and get some serious exercise. There are trails ranging from steep hills long enough for a backpacking trip to trails with levels that the whole family can enjoy.

Bicycling and Cycling – Known in the sports industry for diverse alpine mountain biking, Ogden offers hundreds of trails. Even if you’re not the type to take the route less traveled, and by that I mean trails that can only be accessed by ski-lift in some of the most remote places on the mountain, there’s a trail for riders of all skill levels.

Kayaking and Paddlesports – Ride the Weber River as it descends down the beautiful mountains. There’s a different section of the river for everyone. And if you need to start learning how to kayak altogether, the Wilderness Recreation Center offers training and a calm pool to learn all the right moves in.

Climbing and Bouldering – The pristine mountains of Ogden are excitedly interrupted by jagged rock perfect for scaling. The mountains offer exhilarating climbs that extend to heights that will challenge any type of climber. But what’s a ski town without indoor options as well? The Salomon Center is an indoor adventure land with the indoor rock climbing wall called iRock.

Indoor Surfing – Also housed in the Salomon Center is the Flowrider, an indoor surfing, boogie boarding and wakeboarding ride that drives 10,000 gallons of water at the surfer-dude that rides it. Surfers of all skill levels can learn to ride a wave in the middle of America while all your family and friends can gather around and watch.

Indoor Skydiving – iFly is another exciting ride in the Salomon Center that brings extreme outdoor sports in. This indoor air tunnel lifts its rider into the air and gives the sensation of skydiving. First timers are taught by instructors on the basics while seasoned skydivers can perfect their form. Each ride equals 2-3 actual skydives, without the parachute of course.

Ogden isn’t just for skiers and snowboarders anymore. When the snow melts and the sun comes out so does the adventure seekers. Discover something new in Ogden and I guarantee you, you’ll be back again and again.