Parkour and Fear – Started But Not Getting to the Big Techniques?

Parkour and Fear – Started But Not Getting to the Big Techniques?

It is easy enough to start something new but when things get more difficult and seem out of reach, what should you do? In Parkour the techniques can be challenging but you can take steps to become proficient.

Fear is probably the biggest challenge. This occurs when you are unfamiliar with what it is you want to do. You anticipate the worst thing that could possibly happen and this blinds you to your potential to master the new movement.

This fearful anticipation can be overcome with repetition. You break the technique into its basic parts and then you practice, practice, practice. The familiarity allays your fear. Firstly you practice any part that can be done by itself. As your confidence grows you start to combine several of the parts until you are doing the complete technique. Again you practice, practice, practice and this is what brings you success.

There are big scary, risky movements in parkour such as roof drops and leaping from a building onto a narrow wall. If you train and become proficient you too can do these feel great, speckie manoeuvres. But for now, it is best to build up your repertoire with minor challenges to ensure you continue to improve and to enjoy what you are doing. Approaching parkour in this way means there is nothing for you to fear as you will know your limits. You will know what you can competently do. You will still face challenges but ones you know are within your reach.

One of the best ways to move forward is to train with other people. This could be with a friend who can observe and offer suggestions. This is the cheapest way. If you want quick results and can pay for a lesson, then join a parkour or freerunning club in your area. You could even consider joining a gym or a trampoline club. Spending time with a trained sports person, who knows good techniques and how to teach, ensures you progress. Most importantly this approach minimises your errors. Your self-confidence also gets a boost as the coach will set you appropriate challenges.

Fear is all in the mind. It is there to protect you but it is easy to allow it to rule your life. If you commit to learning correctly, concentrating on good technique and incremental progression, then fear is not an issue. You can treat it with respect and move past it. Success at parkour is waiting for you if you are determined and persistent.