Scuba Diving In Jamaica – Reveal An Amazing Underwater World

Scuba Diving In Jamaica – Reveal An Amazing Underwater World

When you ask someone, “What do you think of when someone mentions Jamaica?” their immediate response is always about the beautiful beaches and cornflower blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, but what should spring to mind is the incredible world which lives under it. This world of coral reefs and tropical fish is just waiting to be discovered by vacationers when they scuba dive.

There are many different dive sites in Jamaica, which means you have a fantastic selection of what you wish to see. Not only are there fascinating things to see under the water, there is also plenty to see above the water. Therefore non-divers can still come along on the trip and never get bored, so no one has to feel guilty about dragging their partner or children along if they cannot scuba dive. They can bask in the golden rays of the Jamaican sun on the boat or admire the wonderful scenery.

The coral reefs are located just off the Jamaican shore and are an incredible kaleidoscope of colours, teeming with hundreds of exotic fishes and underwater plant life. Divers find themselves winding through canyons and grottos in awe of the magnificent, mysterious sights they are encountering. It truly is the experience of a life time. If one thinks that Jamaica is paradise above water, it is heaven beneath.

A popular example of a dive sight in Jamaica is the Marine Park in Montego Bay, which offers dive sights for novices as well as experts, so everyone can experience the magic of the Caribbean Sea. The water is lovely and warm at eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit all year round and has great visibility of about one-hundred feet. It has recently established a fish sanctuary to try and prevent the further depletion of fish stocks, meaning that vacationers can dive, safe in the knowledge that the wonderful wildlife they see will still be there in years to come.

Another example of a place to dive in Jamaica is the Negril Marine Park, with its calm protected waters and seven miles of beaches – it is the perfect location to enjoy diving. The reefs there are utterly exceptional and consist of scarlet sponge fingers and stands of gorgonians. The majority of the fish population inhabit the deeper waters. Amongst the fish lurks the occasional nurse shark, which has even been sighted.

It is easy to arrange Scuba diving vacations where prospective divers are able to discover scuba diving by learning to dive and earn a PADI open water certificate, or simply master and apply their skills by doing one or two dives a day. The vacation can be tailored for an advanced diver desiring to become a dive master or a beginner wishing to learn to dive. There is something for everyone on a diving vacation.

There is a great variety of fantastic, private accommodation in vacation homes, and ground transportation is readily available. Professional diving companies such as Resort Divers limited, which is Jamaica’s leading dive operator, and PADI- Five Star Dive centre is one company that can provide the scuba diving. The options are incredibly flexible, from one day beginner’s Discover Diving course to a ten day dive master programme. Instruction can even be provided in a villa’s pool, so everyone can get a taste of diving beforehand and completely enjoy the sea life when they enter the Caribbean.

Scuba diving makes a Jamaica Vacation unforgettable, and it can be completely stress free when you can plan it in advance.