Parkour Training Inside

Parkour Training Inside

As much as we would love to do our parkour training out on the streets, where it is meant to be used, that is not always a possibility. The weather can keep you cooped up for days, weeks, or if you live in the northeast like me, months. Between the mass amounts of snow, and the extremely cold temperatures, free running training outside is not always an option.

While the majority of people think that they can just go out and start parkour, it is important to understand the importance of training. When you are free running, your body is placed under extreme demands. If it is not ready to handle those commands, then you are just asking for injuries. You will also find that the more prepared your body is, the more you will be able to do, which means the more fun you will be able to have.

What kind of training can you do inside to prepare your body for the outside fun of free running. Your parkour training needs to accomplish several things.

It needs to;

– Increase strength

– Increase endurance

– Increase flexibility

– Increase coordination

Basically, you want lean muscle mass, amazing cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and the ability to control your body. Here are some exercises that can help you accomplish these goals.

Increase strength – There are some very simple exercises to incorporate into your parkour training that will help you make some amazing strength gains.

1 – Pushups – These are simple, and much more effective than most people would think. By varying your style of pushups, you can target your chest, triceps, shoulders, and core.

2 – Pullups – Again, simple, and they can be varied to truly give you an incredible workout. By varying your hand position, you can really blast your back, and biceps.

These 2 exercises can be varied in enough ways to really hit your entire upper body, so don’t underestimate them.

3 – Squats – Again, simple, and you can do them with no weight at all. By varying the position of you feet, and varying the intensity, such as doing squat jumps, these truly are an essential part of your parkour training.

4 – Wall sits – It doesn’t get much simpler than that. While the exercise is simple in terms of the technical aspect, it is very intense and effective with strengthening the legs.

5 – Plyometrics – Most people are under the misconception that you need expensive plyo-boxes to do this. The truth is that there are plenty of effective, body weight only plyometric exercises that can take your parkour training to a whole new level. They will increase your speed, power, and you will jump like you never have before.