Experience Quick Weight Loss With Parkour

Experience Quick Weight Loss With Parkour

Since the sport’s recent development in France, parkour is used all over the world by men and women seeking quick weight loss results. The sport, hobby and disciple of parkour are based on the art of moving forward, going over or under any obstacles that get in your way. Focusing on speed and efficiency, parkour involves running, jumping, climbing and rolling around complicated obstacle courses to burn calories. Weights and any other gym equipment are not necessary. While it can easily be performed alone, it never hurts to have a friend or experienced parkour instructor to train you on the best moves and locations to exercise. Participants, known as traceurs, can exercise almost anywhere, and create their own paths according to difficulty. In other words, you can get your parkour workout on Venice Beach, along the mountaintops of North Carolina, or around the noisy streets of Manhattan.

Practicing parkour for quick weight loss can be straining on you and your body. It is demanding, and parkour requires endurance training. You need strength and good cardio abilities, as well as a basic knowledge of parkour moves. In an instant, you have to stop your sprint, get on the ground, roll over, jump back up and immediately begin running again. Safely executing the routine for quick weight loss is easier said than done, and takes plenty of practice.

Parkour will workout your upper body, as well as your legs. Before beginning the exercise, make sure you can do plenty of push-ups and pull-ups. Your abs have to be strong too. While building muscle all over your body, parkour trains your heart and lungs as well. Exercising with short sprints, along with longer runs for hundreds of feet at a time, is excellent for elevating your heart rate, as well as building your leg muscles. Meanwhile, parkour demands the agility of a gymnast. After all, you need to keep your body fully balanced on raised obstacles.

As soon as you become familiar with your own parkour routine, you can add to the workout’s complexity. Besides running, dropping and rolling and jumping, you can exercise with vaults. To perform a monkey vault, you place both hands on an obstacle, and put both legs into a squat. Then raise your hips, and pull yourself over. In the lazy vault, you rely on one hand to swing your legs over the obstacle. Your second hand swings behind your body to supply balance and propel your body. To perform a side vault, put both hands on an obstacle, and swing forward with your legs held up 90 degrees into the air. There is even a Jackie Chan vault. These parkour moves require precision, so never dive right into the deep end without plenty of practice.

There is no one textbook or how-to guide of parkour moves. It is up to you to create your specific routine. It may be through your city’s streets, or perhaps it will be on a nearby mountain. Make it fun, make it scenic, and make it adventurous. Parkour can be ideal for your quick weight loss routine.