Wollongong, Australia With a Side of Skydiving

Wollongong, Australia With a Side of Skydiving

Wollongong is a bright and busy city situated in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. Being the ninth largest city in Australia, this location has a beautiful water view and is altogether the touristic attraction. One of the main amusements is skydiving. This practice is quite popular among the townspeople and tourists. In 1797, Andre-Jacques Garnerin was the first to take part in the art of skydiving by jumping off a hot air balloon. This recreational activity has been ever since taken by amateurs and studied in depth to better accessorize this sport and make it safer. Although this is not only recreational, for the army has used this method to land on enemy ground on several occasions.

This seaside city has a population of over 284,000 residents and is reported to be the third largest metropolis in New South Wales; following Sydney and Newcastle. Wollongong has been nicknamed great feast of fish, five islands, song of the sea, the gong, many snakes, sound of the waves and hard ground near water. This city has truly a train of history attached to it. For starters, this was the place where the mining industry took a leap in all of Australia. They had built coal mines, steelworks and an industrial port. The grounds and basements were considerably rich in material.

Although skydiving is the main touristic practice, many other amusements and hobbies are also followed. Wollongong is surrounded by surfing beaches, scenic lookouts with couple retreats and a botanical garden with Australia’s wildest vegetation. When settlers initially colonized the country and instated religion; two regional cathedrals and churches were constructed. This city is nonetheless open to all kinds of communions. For example, Buddhism; with the Nan Tien temple.

With skydiving Wollongong, one can experience the most exhilarating time in one’s life. This sport is considered to be quite extreme and combines speed, height, adventure and adrenaline. Everyone witnesses their jumps differently, some feel the fear taking over and others feel their joy reaching ecstasy. You will always be guided with a professional when skydiving so you’re reassured and don’t need to express any worries about safety.

When the excitement increases and you reach the launching of the activity your instructor should prepare you for the calm countdown as protocol. The latitude depends on the chosen vehicle but on average reaches about fourteen thousand feet. The thrill that follows once released into the air is as mentioned, absolutely unique. The speed you reach when free-falling is on average two hundred kilometers per hour. The parachute is deployed by the instructor, so again, you do not need to worry about timing. After the deploy, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful aerial Wollongong views while skydiving Wollongong. Feeling the fresh Australian winds on a summer day is quite the experience one can share. After your smooth landing you can always get back on your feet and go for seconds, or simply take a soothing swim, visit other touristic corners and come back for an evening skydive.