Going Indoor Skydiving in California at a Discount

Going Indoor Skydiving in California at a Discount

What is indoor skydiving? Indoor skydiving, otherwise known as tunnel flying or bodyflight, is a recreational activity that allows people to fly inside a vertical wind tunnel. The tunnel moves air up and down with winds of about 120 mph, which is the terminal velocity of a person falling facing down. In the skydiving community, vertical wind tunnels are used for training and practice. It allows skydivers to test new tricks, push their limits, and decrease the risk.

There are two main types of wind tunnels: indoors and outdoors. Most people call it indoor skydiving, but there are some tunnels that have no walls. These tunnels are used very much in the movie industry in an effort to film people in flight in the outdoors. These outdoor wind tunnels can be portable and taken just about anywhere.

Jack Tiffany was the first person to fly in place in 1964 at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This was a private concept until a company called Aerodium developed a commercial version for the mass market in 1979. The first commercial bodyflight facility was built in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are several places to go indoor skydiving in California. The three locations are in Los Angeles, Union City, and Perris. The Los Angeles location is in Universal City Walk in Universal Studios. Indoor skydiving in Los Angeles can be tried for under $40 and is a sure winner. The Union City facility is pretty amazing and much larger than the one in Universal. It’s a bit more expensive, but indoor skydiving in San Francisco is an experience you just have to have. The Perris location also offers real skydiving. So, you could see how you feel in the tunnel and then do the real thing by jumping from a plane. Perris also offers package deals for a combination of skydiving and a bodyflight.

Bottom line is this: if you haven’t tried indoor skydiving in California, you are missing out. It is truly an amazing adventure that pretty much everyone should try at some point. If you are afraid of heights, this is most definitely for you. If you have any questions about this, find Kijubi and ask them. They will guide you to the activities that best fit your needs and desires. Have a great time!