Why Skydiving Is Fun for All Ages

Why Skydiving Is Fun for All Ages

It is rare that children skydive, but they do it. Even the interest amongst the elderly is increasing because they want the exhilarating, life-changing experience that skydiving offers them. Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute on their back is the ultimate risk and, for a short while, gives a feeling of freedom never before known.


Children can engage in skydiving with their family. Some parents may be edgy about letting their child engage in the sport, but some enjoy spending this time with their children. It is an activity where all involved are able to enjoy the freedom, excitement, and positive anxiety that the experience produces.

Some children even start at younger ages because they get into competitive skydiving later on. This is a sport that many older teenagers and young adults are involved in. A single person or a team of two people will perform acrobatic maneuvers after jumping out of a plane. They are scored based on the complexity of their moves. This is referred to as freestyle skydiving.


Adults not only engage in parachuting with their families, but they also do so solo in order to conquer a fear or to simply get the adrenaline flowing. Some adults choose to skydive as part of an event. For instance, a corporation may host a workshop on teamwork that involves skydiving for all of those who wish to participate. Some will face their fear and go ahead as long as others engage in the activity as well.

Couples will get married during the free fall. This means that the vows must be said quickly, but it works and makes for a memorable wedding experience.

The elderly

Due to the low exertion involved in skydiving, the elderly are getting involved as well. They make it a goal to do something huge since they are in their later years. They haven’t done anything risky their entire lives and now they want to do something that will make them feel free and like they are doing something great – because they are doing something great.

Elderly individuals are jumping as couples and they are jumping by themselves. Most individuals promise themselves for quite some time that they are going to do something risky. They want to do something exciting and experience a true adrenaline rush.


There are many safety precautions that are taken. A sky diving company does not simply place customers in a plane and tell them to jump. Jumpers usually start out with tandem skydiving, which is where the skydiver is harnessed to their coach and is instructed through the entire process.

Skydivers are provided with adequate instruction and safety tools to ensure the best skydiving experience possible. These tools include a reserve parachute, an automatic deployment advice in case you are in free fall mode too long, and a main parachute that is adequate to provide a great experience.

No matter the age or the reason for the dive, it is beyond exhilarating and is a memory to always treasure.