Why a Tandem Skydiving Package Is a Great Gift

Why a Tandem Skydiving Package Is a Great Gift

A tandem skydiving package is great for those skydiving for the first time. However, the package can also be given to friends and loved ones as gifts. This is in an effort to provide those you love with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

When providing tandem sky diving as a gift, you may wish to buy the entire package in advance or in a gift certificate so the individual you are buying the gift for can choose their own package. They may be able to choose their own particular tandem skydiving course and any extras, such as video.

So what are some other reasons why you would want to buy a tandem sky diving package as a gift?

• It is a unique gift. It’s something that no one else is going to be getting this particular person.

• If the person you’re buying the gift for has been talking about going skydiving for a while but they haven’t done anything about it, you can give them no choice by providing them with the means to go for it.

• If you’re friends with someone who likes the occasional adrenaline rush, a tandem skydiving package can help provide them with that thrill.

• Skydiving is a great gift for certain individuals in your life, such as your boss. This can be a great gift from the office if he or she has spoken of engaging in an adrenaline producing activity.

• If you have a young person in the family interested in learning how to sky dive in hopes to become a competitive skydiver, this is a great way to get him or her started.

• You may have a grandparent or elderly friend looking to achieve this long awaited feat.

• If you are interested in a tandem skydiving package, you can buy a package for a friend so that the two of you can go together. However, make sure that skydiving is something that your friend wants to do before committing him or her to the activity.

There are many reasons and many individuals to buy a package for. The above reasons and individuals are great suggestions, but only you know who the appropriate individual is and what they may want.

If a question regarding safety comes about, let your gift recipient know that safety is of the utmost importance.

Tandem skydiving enables them to dive harnessed to their coach, while receiving instruction on the proper way to dive. To slow down the experience, a drogue parachute is deployed soon after jumping from the plane, so that the dive does not occur too quickly. At a full dive, an individual can fall over 100 mph.

There is also a reserve parachute if it is needed and an automatic activation device that will deploy the parachute if the free fall reaches a certain speed at a certain altitude. This is ideal for those who may wait too long to deploy their parachute or for those who may experience other complications. Sky diving is one of the safest adrenaline inducing activities because the number of fatalities is a very small. The number of fatalities per year is less than 1% worldwide.

You may be surprised when presenting someone with the gift of a tandem skydive how excited they may become. People dream of doing risky activities, but they never talk themselves into it.

When you give them a tool that will convince them to take a dive and live a little, they will be ready to experience the freedom that is the result of sky diving.