Various Aspects of Life Jackets For Babies

Lifejacket is a precious item that should always be carried when one is going for a ride in the sea or the river. As the name suggests, these vests have the capability to save the life of an individual in case of an accident and even if the person doesn’t know how to swim. Similarly, parents with babies are also required to take personal floatation devices that are especially suited for children. A PFD that is made for the adult is very different in terms of size, shape and functionality and thus an individual should only use the ones that are specially made for babies.

The most important consideration while choosing life vests for kids is safety. The ones that are used for kids are equipped with various types of safety features. Some forms come with a handle, and this feature comes in handy while lifting the kid out of the water, or for holding the child while he/she is floating on it. There are certain jackets that have provisions for head supports and this feature is very much needed for the kids who are really young and it helps them to float. These things are made by keeping in mind the fact that a child’s head is nearly as heavy as the rest of the body and thus they are made accordingly. There are certain PFDs that are equipped with crotch straps and this feature helps the vest to be in the proper position. Another very important thing that needs to be considered prior to buying a lifejacket for a baby is the size. It is true that babies grow at a high rate and often a dress that fits well may not fit after a few months. For this reason often parents tend to buy vests that are a little bigger than it is required. However, this practice should be avoided at any cost and an ill fitted vest can be very dangerous. The best way to see whether the baby life jacket is of proper size or not, is by picking the baby by his shoulder or the vest. If the ear or the chin gets covered by the neck opening in the process, then it is too big.

While it is true that safety should be the first concern while choosing a PFD, but an individual should also consider the elements of comfort while buying one. If the child isn’t comfortable wearing his floatation device, then it would make the joy ride much fun. However, there is one good piece of news and it is that modern PFDs are made out of neoprene rather than nylon and thus they cause much less discomfort. All the modern day life-vests including baby life jacket that are now used are much less bulky and thus are very comfortable.