How to Gain Muscle Fast Fat Free


He must train with enough intensity to stimulate the largest area of muscle tissue.

The workouts should be short term and using heavy weights, few repetitions and breaks to facilitate optimal recovery.

We must remember that it is very important to the correct path, you have to control weight and not sacrifice performance strictly by the fact lift more weight.

Squats or leg press, dead weights, Chin, Remos, military Pres, Pres of banking, dips, rows to the neck, curl bar and French Pres should not miss in our arsenal of exercises, as it is shown that with these basic exercises produces maximum muscle stimulation.

Must be made no more than 8 reps for each set and no more than 12 sets for large muscle groups 8-10 series for smaller muscle groups, always remembering to perform a couple of sets of less intensity to facilitate heat appropriate.

It is advisable to train 4 days a week to facilitate appropriate growth and recovery of muscles.


For gain muscle fast .. When the big train and gain muscle mass should be fed very well, it is necessary to distribute the food throughout the day by eating every three hours and providing the necessary nutrients in each meal. Chicken, turkey, game meat, fish, egg whites, raw vegetables (salads), legumes, whole grains and pasta and certain fruits should be the mainstays of your diet.

Should be combined in appropriate proportions, taking into account that, in the early hours of the day we can take starchy and fibrous carbohydrates from the middle of the day and including the night. The lower the glycemic index of a food more slowly raises the level of glucose and insulin in the blood, so it is important not to eat simple sugars in our diet.

Fats should not exceed 15% in our diet, but are necessary for our hormonal system, and monounsaturated fats are the most appropriate. Depart from jams, honey, candy, chocolate, fatty cheese and cream, deli and canned in oil. Your body will thank you.

The post-workout meal:

Immediately after completion of the activity into action of enzymes that are responsible for restoring glycogen stores. If necessary carbohydrates are consumed, along with the protein during the two hours after the workout recovery occurs more quickly … is very important to make this meal.

Consistency and patience is key to achieving the goal, to have a physical body muscle.

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