The 7 Day Guide to Getting Started in Parkour

The 7 Day Guide to Getting Started in Parkour

Getting into Parkour is not hard to do, but in this guide I will outline how you can learn Parkour in your first seven days. Each day you will do something different that will help with Parkour and starting it.

Day 1

Well, if this is your first day ever with Parkour, you will want to learn how to roll first. To do this, you can watch some tutorials. ParkourX has a roll tutorial that can be found on our site. Once you have watched some tutorials, practice this roll on a mat.

Day 2

Today you will be continuing the roll, but we will also be adding the side roll in. You will also want to watch some tutorials on this, and after that, you will also want to practice that on the mat.

Day 3

Keep practicing the back rolls today, but we also need to learn the back roll. This is used if your momentum is going backwards, obviously. Just search a tutorial or two on this, and practice it on the mat as well. If you can, try some front and back rolls outside.

Day 4

We will keep practicing the rolls because these are of vital importance in Parkour. Will will also start the two handed side vault today. Just watch a video or two, and find a nice bar to practice this on.

Day 5

We always keep building on what we have started, so today we will also add in the “lazy vault” or one-handed side vault.

Day 6

Today, we keep working on everything else we have learned if possible, and will start the monkey vault. This is were you put your hand on the bar right as or before you jump, and two-foot jump over the bar. It’s quite easy, but is good to know as it can easily be built on.

Day 7

Now we will add in the kong, a variation of the monkey vault. This is were you do the two-foot jump before you place your hands down. This is one of the single most important vaults, and you need to know it.