Stay Focused On Your Muscle Building Goals

Here we go again. It?s a new year with some new goals for gaining muscle and losing fat.

We all know that in order to achieve our goals, we have to stay with them on work on them. So many of us ?start? a new program, but never actually get started. Here are a few tips on how to get or stay on track.

1. Replace ?I Should,? with ?I Am.?

Everyone knows what they ?should? be doing, the question is what ?are? you doing? Every time you start to think, ?I Should,? replace it with, ?I Am.? When you start thinking of what you should be doing, you dwell on what you aren?t doing and negativity infiltrates your positive momentum. Keep it positive by thinking of what you are doing and ways to improve it.

2. Remember ?The Why?

Most people do things out of emotion, and working out is no different. You do it for a specific reason, and that reason stems from an emotion. Whenever you want to slack off, or you feel your goals sliding away, remember the actual emotional reason why you decided to get on the program in the first place.

3. Learn From The Past

When you feel the negativity coming on, think back to past exercise programs that didn?t work for you. Figure out what went wrong. Was it the program, or was it you? Obviously, if it was you, and the cold hard truth is that it probably was, you need to take a step back, to step 3 and reevaluate why you started, and why you need to finish.

4. Avoid the ?Toos?

Avoid the immature emotional logic of the ?toos? (too tired, too early, too cold, too late, too hot?). Think of the benefits of your exercise or nutrition program. Base your decision to exercise on positive emotions, not on excuses. Make a deal with yourself, once you get to the gym and workout for five minutes, if you feel like leaving you can. Most of the time, you won?t leave.

Whenever you find yourself getting off track with your workout, think of how pumped up you get after a great workout. Remember to always think of the positives, once you do, you leave little to no room for the negative to come in.