Running Video – Free Running and Parkour, Above and Beyond

Running Video – Free Running and Parkour, Above and Beyond

You may be confused as to why anybody would look at a running video. What is so interesting about running anyway? Well, what is on these videos is actually called free running, which is a new type of sport that is really starting make waves.

Free running is a different way to get from point A to point B. Instead of just running to one place to another, they running encourages is that you get there as creatively as possible in order to test your limits. Naturally, this can be quite a testing activity. However, it is constantly growing because of the interesting concepts behind it. If you have never heard of this sport/activity before, then you may want to check out some videos on YouTube or any other video viewing site to get a good idea of exactly what it is.

The people that practice free running pull off some very amazing things in some very amazing settings. In essence, it is done in urban settings. This is done in order to make it more interesting, and to really make a statement about getting from point A to point B. In cities and other urban areas, you can usually get where you need to go fairly easily. You can take a bus, you can drive a car, you take a taxi, or you can even just walk. There are plenty of options for you to take in order to get where you’re going. These abstract running styles encourage you to get there your own way, whatever your own way is.

If you do watch a free running video, you’ll be able to see exactly what it means to get where you want to go in your own way. The people who practice it really test the limits of their bodies by running on walls, doing flips, and doing other seemingly impossible maneuvers in busy cities. This is something that really needs to be seen to be believed, and chances are if you live in the United States you probably not seen it. It is a phenomenon that is really growing in Europe, especially in the UK and France.

While people who practice this activity cannot technically be considered athletes because in most cases they do not directly compete, and it is more practice of a train of thought than anything else, some of the things they do are truly amazing. Take a look at free running video and be surprised anybody can do the types of things they do in a city. There are some things in life is simply must be seen to be believed, and this is definitely one of those things.