Extreme Skydiving Videos – What They’re All About

Extreme Skydiving Videos – What They’re All About

Why call a sport such as Skydiving extreme, you may ask, when the sport itself seems to most people already an off the wall extreme thing to do? Many people have put this on their individual “bucket lists” as something to do before they die because of it’s extreme nature. You basically willingly jump out of an airplane at your chosen height and plunge down to the earth’s hard ground at speeds of 125 miles per hour or more with basically just a thin nylon parachute holding your fate.

Extreme Skydiving comes into play when you take normal skydiving up a notch. There have been several different attempts to add some spice into this sport. Some people have taken Extreme Skydiving Videos by using props of sorts such as bicycles, boxes, rafts, and even jet ski’s. There has even been videos where actual living breathing dogs, yes the animal of the canine species, has been caught on tape skydiving. The dog of course was strapped to it’s owners chest with a specially made harness and plunged from an amazing 13,000 feet. Now if you can’t consider that extreme I don’t know what you can!

Couples have even taken the initiative to get married while skydiving. A couple in Atlanta, Ga took the plunge from 14,000 feet. What an amazing home video that must be for the couple to share with their loved ones! I would love the courage to do something as daring as that, what an accomplishment.

Extreme Skydiving Videos come in all different types. You can find videos on Base jumping and all the different varieties of it including base jumping with bicycles, in caves, off of bridges, and even the off of the world’s tallest buildings. Wing suit base jumping is an amazing sport to watch. They actually look as if they’re touching the mountains with their hands. Although the jumpers resemble bats as they sore through the sky.

While finding new ways to make this sport exciting, there has been an Extreme Skydiving Video about a sport created called Ski-Base Jumping which is a combination of skiing and base jumping with the help of a parachute of course. Free flying, extreme head down skydiving and free fall jumping are just a few other types that some brave men and women have attempted.

There has even been a record set while shooting Extreme Skydiving Videos. In Chicago, 300 of the world’s best skydivers attempted to set a largest skydiving formation record. After 24 attempts they finally set a world record after holding the formation for 7 seconds.