Required Skydiving Gear

Required Skydiving Gear

The sport of skydiving has been gaining an increase in popularity in recent years. There are many different rules and regulations for this sport. These rules and regulations are set in place to help reduce the risks of injury or death while participating in this sport. These rules determine the necessary skydiving gear that is required. They also determine what a person new to this sport must do before being able to jump on their own.

Many people who gain enough experience to skydive on their own will eventually purchase their own skydiving gear. This required gear includes two parachutes, one that is used as a main parachute and one that is used as a reserve parachute. The reserve parachute is used in the event that the main parachute fails to open when necessary.

The required skydiving gear also includes a helmet and some sort of eye protection. The helmet is used to protect the individual’s head in the event that a foreign object hit’s the diver or the person lands wrong. The eye protection can be in the form of goggles or sunglasses. The eye protection is used to reduce glare from the sunlight and to protect the person’s eyes from the wind. This is because wind speedy can be in excess of one hundred fifty miles per hour while the person is making their descent to the ground.

Automatic activation devices and reserve static lines are also required for skydiving. The automatic activation device is used to monitor the altitude that the diver is at. When the diver reaches a predetermined altitude the device will open the main parachute for the final descent to the ground. The reserve static line is attached to both parachutes. It is used to open the reserve parachute in the event the main parachute does not open.

Altimeters and jumpsuits are also used by many skydivers. However many places do not require these types of skydiving gear. Most skydivers use these types of gear despite the fact that they are not required. Altimeters are used to inform the skydiver of their current position in altitude. These devices use either audio or visual devices to inform the skydiver of their position. Jumpsuits are comfortable to wear and have their own advantages but are not required.

An individual can purchase all the skydiving gear they need for a few thousand dollars. Many people find having their own gear allows them to be ready to go skydiving when the urge arises. It also allows the individual to feel security of knowing how often their gear has been used and checked for any issues that may arise.