7 Ways to Choose the Best Skydiving Package on the Web

7 Ways to Choose the Best Skydiving Package on the Web

When looking for a sky diving adventure, you have to know what to look for in order to have the best experience possible. You want the best price and the best experience for that price. You also want a safe experience. Although skydiving accidents are rare, 92% of those accidents are due to not following procedure and bad judgment, so you certainly want the best to handle your skydiving affairs.

Whether you are new or you are a seasoned skydiver, here are 7 ways to choose the best skydiving package on the web:

1. Evaluate skydiving companies in your area or vacation destination. If there is only one company offering parachuting, then the decision should be easy. However, it is rare that you either live or will be visiting an area where there is only one option. If so, then you will need to compare packages.

2. The package you choose will depend on your experience level. A first jump course is going to cost extra. The more experience, the cheaper the jump will be. You will, however, earn more experience with your jumps, so you may be paying for each individual jump in a package. This means you will be allowed more than one jump to the point that you may need to purchase a jump license and a USPA membership. Compare all of these costs.

3. You will want to compare the cost to rent gear. It may be included in the skydiving package or there may be an additional charge.

4. You may want your jumping experience on video. This means a cameraman will jump with you so that you can commemorate the experience. There are basic video packages and more elaborate packages offered by some parachuting companies.

5. Check if there are any discounts. For instance, a member of the military, a student, or a police officer may be able to get a discount. Seniors over the age of 55 may be available for discounts as well on their sky diving experience.

6. Compare the costs of additional services such as packing classes, daily gear rentals, and classes that teach additional sky diving skills. Some packages will most likely include solo jumps if you’re a solo jumper.

7. You’ll also need to evaluate the hours of operation. You want to jump during a time that is right for you. If you are going to be vacationing, you want the schedule to coincide with your vacation schedule. This can be one important factor that makes or breaks the skydiving package purchase.

Make sure you outline the aspects of the package that works best for you. You may have the option of mix and match packages or packages that are already established for your convenience. Customizing your experience is one way you can make it a truly enjoyable one. Sky diving is one of those experiences that provide you the thrill of risk without you really thinking about the risk because it is so exciting and mesmerizing while it’s taking place.

Another step that you may want to take when choosing the best sky diving package is to evaluate the company’s reputation before buying the package. You can do this by checking for reviews on the Internet. You don’t want your cheap parachuting package to be with a company that has a high accident rate. If you find that they have a good reputation and a good safety record, then you may have a company that you can have a good and secure time doing one of the most risky and exhilarating activities you have ever done.