Recent News From The Premier League – Torres Ready For United And Bale For a Transfer.

By the opinion of the manager of Liverpool, Sir Alex Ferguson will have the opportunity to negotiate with nearly every football striker in the world. Real interest evoked the statement of Roy Hodgson that Fernando Torres could be the next transfer of Manchester United. Usually, those kinds of speculations start from the clubs that desire some football player and not from the clubs who are trying to keep that player in their ranks. But the coach of Liverpool hinted himself at the fact, that if Rooney leaves the team of the “red devils”, Sir Alex will be in the position to negotiate with every single goal master in the world and drawing Torres to the team of Old Trafford won’t be something impossible.

After being asked, about a real possibility for Manchester United to attract the Spanish star of Liverpool, Roy answered that the club has already passed through similar events. He is sure that after Rooney leaves the “red devils”, they will be in the position to aim at many football players all over the world. The manager of Liverpool said that his team is not the only one who should be worried about the loss of the striker. Hodgson added that he won’t be naive and he sees the peril of loosing Fernando Torres someday, he said he hopes that it won’t happen, and he will do everything in his powers to keep the striker happy and in this team and to help him to recover his previous shape.

The manager of Tottenham – Harry Redknapp, thinks that his team is not so far from the winning of the Champion League. He added that the team from London could win the prestigious title in a few years, if the owners of the club help him in the transfer of one or two top world-class players. The Spurs are showing a great progress under the leadership of the experienced specialist and the last season the football team ended up in the top four. Harry is convinced that if the team adds to its account one or better two world-class players, on the right positions, the trophy of the Champions League will be surely in the possession of the club in the next few years. He is pleased with the talents gathered in the team and sure about the fact that Tottenham is not far from the level needed.

The manager did not miss the opportunity to comment the future of the welsh star of the team – Gareth Bale, who is being prepared for transfer in teams like Real Madrid and Inter. Roy noted the fact that Bale is one of the best young football players, on the position of the left flank. He hopes that the Spurs will be able to hold him, because despite the fact he is still a teenager, he is one fantastic player.