Recent News From The Premier League – Torres Ready For United And Bale For a Transfer.

By the opinion of the manager of Liverpool, Sir Alex Ferguson will have the opportunity to negotiate with nearly every football striker in the world. Real interest evoked the statement of Roy Hodgson that Fernando Torres could be the next transfer of Manchester United. Usually, those kinds of speculations start from the clubs that desire some football player and not from the clubs who are trying to keep that player in their ranks. But the coach of Liverpool hinted himself at the fact, that if Rooney leaves the team of the “red devils”, Sir Alex will be in the position …

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Barclays Premier League

The Premier League is a professional league for association football clubs and the top division football league in England. It was called the Football League First Division when it was first formed in 1888 whiles the Premier League may have only been in existence since 1992, when English football entered a new era of previously unimaginable affluence, but the English top division is the oldest in world football.

Since 1888, a total of 23 clubs have been crowned champions of the English football system.

Of the 44 clubs to have competed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, …

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