Parkour Video Review – District B13

Parkour Video Review – District B13

As a recent visitor to a promotional event at Revolution Parkour, I and my children were intrigued by this unique sport, that taught young people to learn some skills previously thought of as superpowers, and reserved for super heros only. We spent the evening watching in amazement, and keeping our youngest ones out of the way of these jumping super heroes. Amazingly, even though over a hundred people were present, no one needed the services of an ambulance!

Now, as a mom of many children, my personal goal is to daily do what I can to prevent accidents, so I had to wonder were all these jumping people just crazy and lucky or, is there really some technique or skill involved? Intrigued, and encouraged by my 17 year old son, I went and rented the movies by David Belle, just to see some professional jumping action.

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The first movie District B13, is filmed in a futuristic run down city in France (which turns out to be the year 2010!) that, due to the high crime and drug problems, was actually walled off by the government to keep the thugs and some just plain poor people, out of regular society. One of the heros and residents of District B13, Leito, played by David Belle, ends up with an outside special forces policeman, Damien, on an undercover mission to save Leito’s sister from a gang, and defuse a bomb designed to bring District B13 to ruins.

Both Leito and Damien are skilled in parkour, and this makes for some amazing footage, that is hard to believe is not done with help from a computer. I was totally fascinated again with these special abilities. The story line is good, and I will not ruin it for you by telling too much.

If you want to see a parkour film with lots of action, I would definitely recommend this, however, a warning to parents: There is some material that only mature audiences should see, and I was glad I did not let my 13 year old watch, so be warned. To order your copy, or watch online, please visit the website below.