Muscle Building Tips – Comprehensive Exercises Are Best


Let’s think about it. What should we do if the goal is to gain muscle and put on some solid weight? The best exercises are called comprehensive exercises. Why waste time doing lots of small ones when we can get better results with one big exercise right?

So we’ve got about an hour to workout. (probably closer to 45 minutes) This includes, warm up, lifting exercises, and warm down before our body starts burning muscle for energy. We certainly DON’T want our body burning muscle fibers for energy. So keep it under an hour, keep it intense and get as much done as possible. So What exercises do I do?

The Best Exercise List

Here it is These are the exercises you’ll need to do in order to work out the most muscles in the least time. Do these exercises often and you’ll pack on large amounts of solid muscle in very little time.

# Full Standing Squats

# Flat Bench Press

# Stiff Deadlifts

# Standing Military Press

# Bent Rows

# Chin-Ups (if you can’t do chins, do Lat Pull Downs)

# Dips (if you can’t do dips do Decline Dumbell Bench Press with your hands facing each other)

Don’t even worry too much about the last 2 exercises because the other exercises are so comprehensive that you’ve already done a full body workout! Do them only if you have trouble doing some of the other exercises, or your feeling especially energetic.

Do 3 workouts each week, and try to do squats every workout. They’re the foundation of a strong body. They’re the largest muscles in your body. And working them out often will stimulate your body to produce muscle growth hormones more intensely.

By the way: YOU MUST WORK HARD. These exercises are THE BEST. So don’t change them. Work out the exercises and work them hard. Do between 5-7 repetitions, and do 3 sets each. Lift as much weight as you can and if you’re not confident, get someone to spot for you. But don’t slack off! You’re the one who must do the work. You want to get bigger right?

Want to know the biggest secret in bodybuilding? Supplements are a scam, it’s HARD WORK that gets results. Work your body with big heavy exercises, and you’ll get big gains. If you want the best results get a fitness coach to motivate you. There’s no substitute for the advice of someone’s who’s been there before.