Excellent Dive Sites in Yap

Excellent Dive Sites in Yap

The coral reefs located in the vicinity of the Yap Islands are clearly unforgettable and many of the dive sites in Yap are connected by vast beds of beautiful, colorful coral. The coral beds surrounding the Yap Islands and pervasive in dive sites in Yap are actually created by an uplift or elevation of the Philippine Sea Plate and the diving opportunities will instantly expose you to a vast area of unbelievably unique marine life too.

Scuba diving in Yap allows you to purposefully dive for underwater exploration to see manta ray in their native habitat. Dive sites in Yap not only offer a chance to see manta rays, but divers appreciate the opportunity to visually experience the diverse underwater schools of fish in the location too. Sharks, Eagle Rays, reef fish, turtles, and more are thriving in and around the beautiful, aquamarine waters that presently surround the large, tourist attracting islands of Yap. Some dive sites are virtually untouched too, and you will fall in love with places like the Valley of the Rays, Yap Caverns, Vertigo, and the Lionfish Wall diving destination in Yap as well.

Do not let your diving skill level deter you from taking a chance and exploring all of the splendid dive sites in Yap. Beginners, intermediate divers, and advanced divers are all warmly welcomed in Yap and there are dive destinations conducive for every dive level imaginable. Even if you are new to the entire art of diving, you can spend a vacation in Yap and take courses that will quickly lead you into an opportunity to experience the underwater paradises surrounding the Yap Islands. You can even become certified in diving and take full courses for introductory diving endeavors, advanced diving certifications, rescue diving certifications, Divemaster certification courses, and Nitrox diving courses as well.

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No matter what part of the Yap Islands you ultimately visit, there are dive sites in Yap perfect for you and your diving skill level. This location is the ideal place for neophyte divers to get their feet and gear wet and for advanced divers to do what they do best; swim, dive, and explore the matchless underwater worlds in the Pacific Ocean. Choose from more than forty six superlative dive sites in the Yap Islands for your next diving get away: you will not regret it!