Dumbbell Exercises

Here we will review some great exercises that you can with dumbbells. Don’t think you need to have a gym membership to get into shape, read on and you will see how dumbbells can get you into shape.

The first exercise we will look at is the chest press. You simply lay flat on your back and press the dumbbells from your chest upwards, keeping the dumbbells above your chest and not your face.

A second effective exercise is for the biceps. You simply stand with the weights at your side and curl them while not allowing your elbows to come forward.

The third muscle group we can train with dumbbells is the shoulders. You press the weights up above your head and slowly lower them until your arms are parallel to the floor.

The shoulder can also be worked in another way. We can do lateral raises to develop the side delts and front raises to work the anterior part of the shoulder.

Now on to the triceps. We will do simple kickbacks where you kneel on a bench and then extend you arm until it is straight.

To get a good back workout you will need a bench. You put one knee on the bench and then pull the weight up to your chest.

So now you can see that there are many way to use dumbbells to get into shape in the comfort of your own house. But to prevent clutter you might want to buy some adjustable dumbbells.