Diving in the BVI

Diving in the BVI

The BVI are considered to be one of the best destinations for diving in the world as they have more than 100 dive sites all located in a relatively small area. Most of the diving sites are easily accessible by boat and because of their proximity to each other, a week diving in the BVI offers a variety of diving experience. There is an amazing underwater world for diving in the BVI just waiting to be explored.

Crystal clear waters enable divers to see clearly to the very bottom for an enthralling encounter of the aquatic life. Fascinating drops, outcrops, reefs and wrecks are alive with mesmerizing marine life.

The best time for scuba diving in the BVI is from Mid December to Mid May. However, mild temperatures and warm water make the BVI a great scuba diving destination year around.

Although most diving in the BVI is considered to be suitable for beginner divers, there are many diving sites that most advanced divers would appreciate. The top five diving sites in the BVI are:

RMS Rhone

Probably one of the most famous dive spots in the world. An ocean steamer, 310 feet in length sank off Salt Island during an extremely violent hurricane in 1867. After 117 years of silent slumber in 20-80 feet of water, this great ship remains remarkably intact with much of her decking, rigging, steam engine and propeller still visible. Gilded with colorful sponges and flourishing corals, the Rhone is perhaps the most impressive shipwreck in the entire Caribbean.

The Indians

The Indians are four large rock formations that rise from the ocean floor to a height of about 90 feet. Near the bottom, fish fill the narrow passages, and large sea fans and small corals dot the walls. This site is considered to be one of the best spots for macro life in the BVI’s.

The Caves

The caves at Norman Island can provide many hours of fun for snorkelers. The reef in front of the shallow caves slopes downward to a depth of 40 feet.

Angelfish Reef

Angelfish Reef is one of the best sightseeing dives. It is located just west of Norman Island. Depths range from 10-90 feet and a colony of angelfish resides at the bottom.

Fearless & Willy T

The Fearless is a 110ft wooden minesweeper that was scuttled in 1986 and sits next to a small coral wall on a sandy bottom. A short swim south, divers come to the wreck of the Willy T, the BVI’s original floating restaurant and bar. The Willy T is a battered 90ft Baltic trader that was put to her rest in 1995. The consistently less than perfect visibility in Great Harbour adds to the mysterious, ghostly feel of this dive site. The coral walls has an abundance of life, including a large amount of Black Coral.