Beat Tradition and Live Life to the Fullest

Beat Tradition and Live Life to the Fullest

In the early days of America, when colonies were still existent and the revolution was starting to work its way through history, there was a common theme for everyone involved. They were oppressed and over-exhausted with laws making it unbearable to keep living under British rule. Many colonists decided that it was time to take a stand through acts such as the Boston Tea Party and many rebellious moments. Today, Memphis live lawless is invoking the same sort of behavior, in a much shallower light, from its prime customers; those who wish to withhold a life of freedom. Memphis Parkour will give you everything you need to be your very own rebellious self.

Many have referred to it as: “Beating the Man” or simply anarchy, but the truth is that we are entitled to our freedoms to speak as loud as we wish, post signs saying what we want, and freedoms that give us the right of many ways of expression. For example to freedom to speak how you wish to speak is a privilege that, over many years, was earned from our forefathers who fought for those simple rights. Living without oppression, to a point, is a great way to represent the founding goals of our country. We are made up of strong, independent thinkers, who make this country what it is today.

Oppression and ridiculous laws are what created the American Revolution, also creating and inspiring people’s independence for years to come. People have learned, even recently, that they, indeed, do have a voice and that with a little independent thought and some real dynamic and intelligent fighting in the political world, you can get a lot done. But it’s not just the political world you see, its everyday life. No matter what age you are, where you are, or what you do, there is always going to be someone or something that keeps you from doing what you really want to be doing.

If we were a nation in peril such as Germany up until the 1980’s or Russia until communism was thrown out, would rebellion sound reasonable then? Many countries have taken advantage of the people who live in them because it is the only way that they know how to manage them. Here in America though, we work for our own reward and we do just about everything very independently. We also make sure that we have a voice when it comes to large and small political decisions. It is always nice to know that you have a say in something when you normally wouldn’t. Involving the people has always been a goal of our government, and we enjoy that privilege.

This article is not meant to make you run out to your nearest employee or parent and tell them you quit or you’re done because you are sick of all the “oppression”, but it is a great thing to read to realize your place in society. It’s great to have everything that we have; we are extremely fortunate.