Skydiving Tips For Beginners

Skydiving Tips For Beginners

Skydiving can be a really fun experience. But before the first jump it is best for anyone to understand the rules and the risks that exist in skydiving. If you are well prepared, surely you are going to enjoy the experience at it best and also the risks will be much less.

You should be aware that skydive is an extreme sport and is not for everyone. To be able to skydive you must weigh less than 250 pounds and not have heart problems. If you have other health issues like blackouts or respiratory problems, it is required to discuss about these to the professional skydive staff. There is age restriction too; children under the age of 18 are not allowed to jump.

So before going for your first jump make sure you are in good health and know well about the risks involved. If you are doing tandem skydive things will go more smoothly. You will not jump alone right away; your first jump will probably be with your teacher and after a few hours training.

You may wish to do it alone for the first time but this can be risky as you never know when you have a problem in the air. And 30 to 60 seconds is really fast, you need to think fast during this little fall time.

Concerning clothing, you must wear clothes that will not limit you in your moves. You should also wear running shoes and not sandals or slippers; these will not stay in your feet for long after the jump anyway. Goggles will be provided for the jump, make sure you keep your eyes open all the way down!

The fall usually does not last long, under 60 seconds for most depending on the height you are jumping from. Most people has a great experience free falling, almost feels like flying.

Injuries or death are very unlikely when it comes to skydiving but there is always the rick. Many would call skydive a safe sport when you are well trained.

As with any other sport, you will need to keep at it if you want to become a professional and train others later on. Most people skydive for fun but still it is best to know all the ups and downs about skydiving. Always keep yourself updated about the subject, discuss with skydiving professionals. At the same time this will make you feel more secure for your next jumps.