Ball Ball Inflatable Pool

Kids like balls. If there are a lot of balls in the inflatable pool, they will feel exciting. But the quality and safety should be certified, because the kids may jump here and there. The pool should be safe and good quality.

Our company aims to provide high quality products and service for the customers. We have excellent designers in our company. They will design the outlook of the products according to the target customer. And the quality control is firm in our company. Firstly, we have auto cutting machines, which make the cutting more precise than hand cutting. Secondly, we have high techniques and skillful engineers. We consider every detail of the products, and design the firm structure within and without. Last but no lease, we choose the high quality material to make our product, make sure our products are of high durability and no danger to the health.

The Ball ball inflatable pool, which product number is GP063, is produce in our industry in a firm process flow. When it is inflatable, the size of it is 3mL??3mW??0.5Mh. It is fit at indoor events. The pack’s size is 63??40??40 cm and it weights 26.5kg. It is easy to move to anywhere you like.

This Ball ball inflatable pool aims to the children who are between 3 and 12 years old. It is made of 0.9mm PLATO PVC Tarpaulin, which is stable. It is of high tear strength. No matter how naughty the children are, the product can stand the jump and scratch from the kids. It is not easy to be damage. And it can also contain 8 children to play in it.

The product has waterproof. Even if the child left the juice on the Ball ball inflatable pool, it can be mopped off by a towel or tissue. It’s not easy to be dirty.

After choosing the material, the product has no offensive smell. It would be no threaten for the health of the children. And the Heat-insulation can also avoid the children hurt by the static electricity.

Anti-mildew treatment, flame retardant M2/B1 and fade proof would be another advantage of this product. That means if you do not use it for a while, you can keep it in the storage, and the circumstance of it do not have a firm standard. After keeping the Ball ball inflatable pool for quite a long time in the storage, the quality of the product won’t be reduce.