21st Birthday Ideas: Skydiving – The Life After 20

21st Birthday Ideas: Skydiving – The Life After 20

The 21st birthday will be the most important event that will happen to you. Starting on your 21st birthday, you will have the sense of independence. You may be able to choose the type of clothing, hairstyle, activities, or even the food that you wanted to eat. There will be no more, or if not less “mom-wanted-me to” issues. You might want to explore a new world, a new life after 20.

Skydiving is the most terrific and the most unique activity to do during your 21st birthday. It might be very risky, but proper orientation and extra care will surely avoid accidents. You can also contact the United States Parachute Association (USPA) to make sure that everything will be taken care of.

YourDictionary defines skydiving as the sport of jumping from an airplane and executing free-fall maneuvers before opening the parachute, often the last possible moment. Of course, some of the important factors to be considered are the altitude and body control.

On the other subject of life, skydiving is just like learning new things ahead of you, seeing new horizons on and after your 21st birthday. It is also another kind of discipline. With skydiving, you may have to make decisions and stand on your own. You have the hold of your own life. You will be able to embrace bravery and valor as you float up high in the air. You will see spectacular views and scenic spots that will encourage you to appreciate life more and be thankful to it. Then after the soaring, you will land down as a different person, stronger, and with a sense of decision. You will also bring the lessons while you’re up there soaring up and apply it in your life after 20, starting at your 21st birthday.

These are some remarkable activities you might want to consider during skydiving:

1. Have a friend or family take in charge of the photo-taking.

2. Another friend or family must take in charge of the videos.

3. You can choose one of these banners to be suspended on the parachute which says:

a. “I’m having my 21st birthday today!”

b. “This is my life after 20”

c. “I’m skydiving my life after 20!”

Colorful balloons should also be attached to add more meaning to such activity. It’s not just an ordinary skydiving. It is about being brave, tall, and a more stronger person.

4. Before you do the free-fall, you have to say your expectations, fears, etc and have it caught on video.

5. When you land, you will stand up and walk tall like a celebrity, stating your experiences up in the air. Have your friend take the video. With that, you can make your 21st birthday movie and title it as ‘Skydiving: My Life After 20.’

6. You can make the photos, videos, or the whole birthday movie as souvenirs for your friends and visitors when you get to gather for a formal 21st birthday party.

Nothing is more fun in the world than skydiving, especially when you do it on the most important day of your life – your 21st birthday!

Cheers to your 21st birthday! Cheers to your life after 20!