Understanding Parachute Skydiving

Understanding Parachute Skydiving

Parachuting is a sport that is considered as the mother of a very popular extreme sport: skydiving. These two sports are practically joined at the hip simply because there can be no skydiving without a parachute! This fact gave birth to the term “parachute skydiving.”

While history did not give clear records about the origin of this sport, there are some accounts of early parachuting in Chinese history. It seems that this concept was related to the kite’s invention. The famous Leonardo da Vinci made a drawing that looks like a cross between a canopy and a modern day parachute. People used to make attempts to descend from cliffs, hot air balloons and tall buildings with the use of the same equipment. The first ever successful attempt in parachuting was completed by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, and the rest was history.

Before you even consider the sport you must educate yourself first. Knowing the ins and outs of basic safety is critical, and it is absolutely essential to be professionally trained before you attempt your first jump. Once you enroll yourself to a reputable parachuting school, you will learn how vital it is for you to have a good working knowledge of the equipment, gadgets, following the correct procedure of jumping, timely and proper positioning of the gears, landing safely, how to choose a good landing site, how to react in cases of emergency and how to manage a parachute failure without panicking.

You will study about the free fall plan and how to manage a secure position while hurling at a speed of approximately 120mph. This skill should be learned by the beginner as it will prepare him or her in opening the chute at the right time. You will also find out how to properly position your body and maneuver it, both critical to a safe landing.

Another skill that you must learn is the ability to manipulate the chute. You will understand the correct procedure on how to open the chute and this involves knowing the process of launching the chute in mid air in a very safe manner. You will learn how to resort to the reserve chute in cases of emergency when the main device refuses to open. Timing is vital when steering the chute against strong winds. Lastly you will discover how to choose a good landing site. If you want to safely land on your feet, take the advice of your instructors to heart.

Parachute skydiving can be really fun, you just have to understand the basic skills and you’re good to go!