See Another World: Dive in the Underwater Sculpture Museum of Cancun

See Another World: Dive in the Underwater Sculpture Museum of Cancun

So you’re heading to Cancun. No doubt you’ve already checked out all the right places to party, and found out which clubs you want to head to. But beyond the party lifestyle of this city there are a few attractions which you’d be a fool to miss out on during your Cancun holidays. If you scuba dive or would like to learn how to, then a great reason to come to this city is to see the underwater sculptures and art pieces in the Museo Subacu??tico de Arte (Underwater Art Museum). It’s an out of this world, and really unusual attraction which you have to see at some point in your life.

The MUSA was first created in 2009 with the aim of demonstrating the interaction between art and environmental science. Up to 400 sculptures have been placed alongside natural reefs to create a distinctive underwater world and help coral thrive in this underwater ecosystem. The sculptures are made from special materials which promote the natural growth of reefs and marine life. If you enjoy scuba diving, then this is seriously something you must do if visiting Cancun.

The sculptured figures create at once a weirdly disturbing atmosphere and a peaceful serenity, making the experience deeply emotional and unforgettable. Many of the sculptures are designed to promote growth of specific marine species and reefs, meaning the entire experience completely synthesises science and art in the most environmentally responsible way. The Anthropocene, for example, is a statue of a VW beetle, crafted from materials specifically designed to attract crustaceans, meaning that diving among these statues is also an observation of how the natural world interacts with them.

One of the weirdest and most enchanting underwater piece of are in this one-of-a-kind museum is “The Silent Evolution”, a mass of sculptured figures who populate the sea bed. It’s both an eerie and enchantingly beautiful sight.

“Inertia” on the other hand is a witty, yet startling statue of a man sitting on his sofa, watching telly plonked right in the middle of this bustling underwater environment. “Man on Fire” is another one of the most famous installations in the MUSA, drawing lots of attentions from divers. It’s a large sculpture of a man; the “fire” comes from bits of natural coral reef which have grown out of it, meaning this sculpture will be ever-changing. The “Dream Collector” is also heavily photographed, and depicts a pensive man standing by a desk, on the verge of writing.

If you go on Cancun holidays and love to scuba dive or like the idea of scuba diving beneath the surface in this awe-inspiring underwater museum, then make the time to go diving around the MUSA, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and could well be the highlight of your whole trip.