Pools r us is a Renowned Group of Pool Contractors in Dubai

Pools r us has come with a sole objective to serve your amusement needs. We, as one of the major pool contractors in Dubai, intend to add charm to your relaxing moments by offering quality services in the area of pool construction. Our organization comprises a consolidated team of creative pool builders who have established new milestones by rendering ultimate services to its clients. We extremely value the fact that pool construction is definitely a considerable part of your investment. Therefore, we aim at giving you good return of your investment by offering commendable services.

At Pools r us, pool builders utilize the dry-mix process in which shotcrete is used to build the swimming pool. Apart from this, we also offer a 10-year warranty on its structure. Shotcrete has a number of benefits and is a water tight, dense and extremely durable construction material. It forms a good bonding with materials like concrete, masonry work, rock, and steel. The pool contractors at Pools r us are regularly acquainted with the novel technical methodologies to suit the requirements of its customers. This is the reason, the organization is rapidly moving towards the path of development. We rigorously study market trends to understand the current need of the hour. At the same time, we conduct meetings on routine basis as part of our usual work schedule. Through this medium, we brainstorm over several related factors and find ways to enhance our services. It also enables us to develop a new strategy.

Pools r us has advanced landscaping techniques. We have constructed thousands of swimming pools in different parts of the world. To proceed with the task of pool construction, we pay special attention to all the basic pool construction techniques like developing a pool design that goes well with natural surroundings. Not only this, it also matches your home-setting and offers you a cozy atmosphere to enjoy your precious time. In addition, our major concerns are based on the shape of the lot, the existing landscape, the terrain and the maximum sun exposure. We also offer quality pool products, which include Pool Pump, LED Lights, Telescopic Fountains, and Glass Mosaics.

Our pool contractors are also specialized in building spas and other water features. According to your choice and preference, we can make spas in various shapes, sizes, styles and interior finishes. Like swimming pools, we use same materials and construction method (shotcrete) for spas also. We assure that all our spas are well equipped with complete heating and filtration system. This makes your experience absolutely comfortable. You can easily control lighting, temperature, and water features, such as fountains and waterfalls etc. Apart from this, we make use of the finest filtration, heating and chemical control systems. We can also offer you a lap pool for exercise, a natural setting with waterfalls, a family entertainment center, or a wonderful vanishing edge.