Parkour Shoes – 3 Qualities of The Perfect Parkour Shoe

Parkour Shoes – 3 Qualities of The Perfect Parkour Shoe

Parkour shoes are a special breed of running shoe that allows the wearer to feel like the shoe is just an extension of themselves. Not something clunky and heavy that weighs you down when you are trying to perform some pretty amazing skills. Whether it be running up a wall, climbing a building or leaping, rolling and running into your next move, you are going to want to know that your shoes are going to help you not hurt you. Below you will learn which three qualities make a perfect Parkour shoe.

1. Grip: It goes without saying that when you are performing any Parkour move, you are going to want to be sure that your shoe has got your back, the grip of the sole is probably one of the most important qualities that are needed in a Parkour shoe. Look for a shoe that has a sole that is in one piece and has rubber that wraps over the toe. A few of the best shoes out there that offer this include, FiveTen Freerunner Freerunning, K-Swiss Ariake Stability Running Shoe and FiveTen D’Aescent Trail Shoe.

2. Weight: Parkour shoes tend to be heavier than a running shoe, yet lighter than a hiking shoe. A nice middle ground gives you the perfect balance of something that will work with your body as you make your way from point A to point B. You want your shoe to become one with your body as you become one with your surroundings. Find something that is comfortable, unobtrusive yet strong and stiff enough to give you the confidence you need to perform Parkour tricks; you don’t want to be worrying about your shoes when you are leaping from obstacle to obstacle.

3. Flexibility: This is a little harder to come by in most shoes, which is why it is important to get something that is designed with traceurs in mind. You want the material of the shoe to be well made, of good quality, stiff enough to protect your ankles and feet, but flexible enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of what you are doing. As you are free flowing around the obstacles around you, you want your shoe to be free flowing around your foot and giving you that extra boost that will help you clear the next jump. Another popular choice in shoes is the K-Swiss Kirov running shoe.

Above you learned about Parkour shoes and 3 qualities that they need to have to qualify for this very important job. They need to have excellent grip, be just the right weight and offer the right amount of flexibility while still protecting your feet with quality and someone stiff material. A few of the best options out there include the FiveTen Freerunner Freerunning as well as the D’Aescent Trail Shoe and a couple of the K-Swiss brand like the Ariake running shoe.