Muscle Programs ? Review Of The Top Three Muscle Programs

1. ?No-Nonsense muscle building? ? Vince DelMonte

?No-Nonsense muscle building? is the winner of the prestigious Best Muscle Program Of The Year Award, receiving the accolade from 2006 to 2008. It is a tribute not only to Vince DelMonte?s understanding of how to get lean muscle, but also understanding the people who put their trust into him. Many men go out on a whim, and have only a flickering hope that this is not another scam, only to realize that ?No-Nonsense Muscle Building? is one of the real deal top muscle programs on the Internet.

Vince DelMonte actively practices what he preaches. Combining a double degree in Nutrition and Kinesiology and real-life experience on how to get lean muscle, ?No-Nonsense Muscle Building? was written. It was written for the Average Joe who knows nothing about the ins and outs about how to get lean muscle. In includes a beginner and advanced workout program, an e-book that explains all you need to know about how to get lean muscle including supplements, equipment, rest, nutrition etc and numerous extras.

2. ?The Truth About Building Muscle? ? Sean Nalewanyj

?The Truth About Building Muscle? is yet another popular choice in the set of top muscle programs. Sean Nalewanyj is a leader in the field of natural muscle gain, having relied primarily on organic weight lifting, adequate rest and an appropriate diet to transform himself from the constantly ashamed 112 lb weakling to a 200 + lb tank.

?The Truth About Building Muscle? e-book is a leader in the top muscle programs because of his unique low volume, infrequent, high intensity work outs. He claims that men only have to train maximum an hour a day, 3 days a week to achieve the muscle mass gains that he did.

3. ?Muscle Building Secrets? ? Jason Ferruggia

?Muscle Building Secrets? by Jason Ferruggia is a very popular choice within the muscle programs niche, simply because of the credibility that Ferruggia holds within the muscle industry. He is a senior amongst the three trainers in this article; he has been lifting weights for 20 years, helping regular people attain their muscle goals for 15 and is currently the senior fitness advisor of ?Men?s Fitness? magazine.

Although ?Muscle Building Secrets? does not sell as well as the other two muscle programs, it should not be written off. It in fact has more useful material than Sean Nalewanyj?s ?The Truth About Building Muscle? and Vince DelMonte?s ?No-Nonsense Muscle Building? has only just added a forum as of late 2008 to the website, when Jason Ferruggia has had it the whole time. He definitely knows how to train people to achieve their goals to a ?T?. If you want someone who?s had a bit more experience in the muscle industry, ?Muscle Building Secrets? is an excellent choice out of the three muscle programs.