Holidays in Alicante

Holidays in Alicante

Alicante is not only drenched in sun but also in history, dating back to as early as 7000 years ago. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, the Carthage and the Moors have contributed significantly to its deep-veined heritage. The town originally named Akra Leuka, so called by a Carthaginian general means White Mountain. Alicante has a stoic quality reflected during the outbreak of the Civil War when it was the last city loyal to be occupied by the dictator Franco. Then post-war it knuckled down to provide the tourism industry, as we know it today. Alicante is self-sufficient with its own airport. Taxis, car hire and a Shuttledirect service will conveniently get you to your specific destination in Alicante.

Drenched in sun, it boasts temperatures at an average minimum of 16A�C during the winter, which doubles to a whopping 32A�C in the summer. There are six Costa Blanca beaches in Alicante to tempt the sun worshipper: San Juan Beach; The Coves of Cavo de Huertas; Albufereta Beach; Playa del Coco; Postiguet Beach and Saladares Urbanova Beach. Local transport runs such as trams and buses run regularly to them.

To cool yourself down, you could take to the water. The Port of Alicante is established as one of the most important ports in Spain and many large cruise ships stop and sail through. It also offers sailing and you can rent your own boat, which are equipped with modern facilities. The Nautical Club housed on the port offers a sailing school. For boat owners they also offer a workshop and a generous mooring space for up to 352 boats. Seafood restaurants further enhance the coastal flavour of the port. And at night, revellers can literally dance the night away with the port-side bars and restaurants open till dawn. Alicante also offers other water sports too, such as windsurfing, jet skiing, canoeing, diving and scuba diving.

A break from the sun and water could find you well and truly grounded at the Alicante Golf Club, an eighteen-hole course designed by Seve Ballesteros, which has a par 72. It also provides private tuition for adults and children alike. Other golf clubs are also available around the area of Alicante all with differing challenge ratings.

Alicante has a huge variety of accommodation available. Top hotels include the five star rated Sidi San Juan. Or you could rent a villa close to one of the superb white beaches of Alicante’s Costa Blanca. Whatever you choose you are sure to find something you want and enjoy in one of Spain’s most popular resorts.