Giovanna Casolla is The Football Arc Elves

When the 2011-2012 season curtain slowly open, a name with that of amorous feelings let we shot in the moment, shine at the moment, he is Casolla, said to be the master for how much some eager for quick success and instant benefit but at least in this era of lack of master, he is lonely night of relieving a star, lit up the Spanish fans for the desire of the free kick. From villarreal to malaga, love songs from the stadium to the rose garden, including in Spain, card of seems to lack on relieving a let fans of worship magnetic. It is easy to say that he is actually an incredible football player.

To be honest, card ugly sola, short stature, inside collect character also let him be little some star temperament, never had the experience of the giants, so when we talk about card sola, believe that there will be a lot of people blankly asked: which team solana card? He is worth why in this summer to reach 21 million euros? Although hero ask source, but there is a need to introduce the card sola “before unripe”, this also is able to untie the people heart doubt key.

In 1984, card sola was born in a football family, father and brother are all professionals, from the local club football career AoWeiDuo royal began, in the coming 18 years when join in to villarreal, in November 2003 to the deportivo la coruna debut for first team. Although the 2004-2005 season card for “yellow submarine” solana uefa cup four goals in contributions, but in the summer of 2006 was the team to sell 600000 pricing weir tile, the decision was caused in the Spanish media a surprised and card in Spain was famous new sports magazine “football sir” named the new people, and also good villarreal soon realized the mistake, only a season for 1.2 million euros after the recall to the new card. Return to the team in the team’s new card has a foothold, before the start of the 2007-2008 season has been belong to Juan Roman riquelme people found no. 8 shirt, dressed in the card of the new body, the number is symbol of status, in other words to the importance of the team concerned, card sola beyond the Argentina the magician.

If riquelme is lonely walker, the card is forever love songs stadium of relieving the elves, his football no riquelme so maverick, but he is definitely a team can revitalize the global piece, the key is, he always shows a smile, when villarreal coach, now rule malaga last year as the admire column, says card is able to create new team internal harmony of man. Villarreal brothers are called “we ronaldinho,” card at the villa says the reason: “card sola looks very abstract, the person is very funny, the ball played very 2007-2008 season, card in the peak of the career solana, he in this season’s la liga scored five goals, to win the Spanish team a second credit, also with Spain won the 2008 European championship.

Even the image of the new card how the public, don’t look like a star, but get this achievement or drew the attention of the real Madrid, card in the summer and sola revealed his intention to is a real Madrid, but ultimately the card sola no married within the giants, afterwards he said: “real is a big team, but I still want to stay in villarreal, because I was young, my international career has just started.” For a 23-year-old Spanish players is concerned, the lure of the bernabeu is almost naked, however as pelosi as listed, one of the most proud of his followers, when pelosi handsome in the summer of 2009 to land the bernabeu eyes at love, card sola again said no. Consider pelosi as listed in the end of the season, which was relentless fired, the choice of the new card is a right decision, real Madrid giants decided the coupler every player to have in the huge pressure environment ability to survive, as a new card this have no background, no qualifications of young people want to in the bernabeu based on is not easy, once planted back and very easy to get into of eternity.

Card sola stayed, continue to do the elves of el madrigal, although 2009-2010 season wound by injuries, results in not into the list of the World Cup in South Africa, in the spring of 2009 he also suffering a broken leg pain, but a series of setbacks and didn’t take his body of reiki. The 2010-2011 season, card sola “submarines” 55 games for the 8 ball into, led his team to the fourth, the champions league qualifying tickets, this for a team is located in the town of population only tens of team are valuable. But here the stage after all is too small, when card sola in football to cultivate themselves tend perfect, villarreal fans can only use the words of common couldn’t be vulgar “all good things must come to an end” to comfort themselves.

In July 2011, villarreal respectively and malaga through their respective’s official website announced, both parties have agreed a deal sola card. Card sola told fans: “leave this moment I difficult to express feelings, it is hard to imagine, in seven years later, I left villarreal…….” Look back a love song career, card left 25 solana la liga goals, three times to help the team become the Spanish semi-final, finally back to the team left behind a number of expensive check, villarreal have he can say is complaint or regret.

In the summer of 2011, have the Middle East oil millionaire backing of malaga also tasted become the benefits of nouveau riche, become the wet the transfer market. MaDiSen, ruud van nistelrooy, move, pull these to our map long after the name of familiar to malaga in succession to door, compared with the arrival of the new card is have real star effect, the Spain international with super damage and creativity, and not lack of exquisite technology and outstanding vision, the most important is, and ruud van nistelrooy burn only few surplus value is different, the card is in play when the New Year, this determines his to malaga is by no means holding the endowment of purpose, at the same time, also means malaga want to get to the real gold and silver he is.

21 million euros, which is to create JiaDui history records in a deal, card sola and malaga signed a five-year contract. Why do you choose to malaga solana card since without saying, but for card for relieving, from can play in the champions league last season at villarreal to only 11 th malaga, if change to do before it is beneath your dignity, but in the Middle East have great wealth this tree is all different, card now close to 3 million euros annual salary solana, equivalent to his two times in villarreal, and mentor peja column Gerry cooperate again, also means that he can be in relatively easy environment, continue with the best performance.

This season before the end of the Spanish seven round, malaga record of four wins and a draw and two negative, close finish sixth. Worth mentioning is the team scored 10 goals seven rounds, and not only with four goals in the new card into the team striker king, also gave the two assists, it serves to show his offensive contribution to the team. With reference to the new card once offensive efficiency, he and malaga fusion it so quickly or beyond expectations, but more unexpected is his four goals have three from direct free kick to score. This explains what? Card of the three new free kick in the first four wheel complete, when 4 wheel with direct free kick open athletic bilbao doors, the Spanish liga this season there are only remember home appears four free kick, and card one sola arranged for three.

Once upon a time, zinedine zidane, David Beckham, ASongSang, ronaldinho free-kick to the Iberian another player these elegant appearance, however as the grand masters have waved goodbye to look to la liga, we can’t help exclamation this is a master of the lack of time, who can bring us that a foot amorous feelings? Even the goal as duck Barcelona star all can find no way out, in this season before Barcelona 11 games opponents scored 37 goals, only villa to milan in the champions league group stages drilled free-kick wear of the Christian abbiati goal, besides Barcelona would never scored a free kick. There is no doubt that card is they want to find new in sevilla, granada and athletic bilbao contest between all at the feet of a amorous feelings, every time take the free kick his approach is not a long distance, and no LeiTingWanJun trend, but it can send force in an instant, let draw a ball into the opponent’s gate curve, see him take the free-kick, have a kind of lifting weights just as twiddling a feather feeling.

For continuous several rounds of contribution free-kick bestseller, card out of the iconic new strength smile, said later by himself, never imagined can use free kick to score. This is the composition of modest, but it’s not all, because in the past few seasons in the la liga free-kick raiser roster at no card sora’s name, but he has the free throw from forming characteristic and goals can be concluded that chance, his free-kick or have certain attainments. Can become a masterful free-kick to master just wait and see, but anyway, card as the Spanish master of relieving free kick the age of stars deserve. To know cristiano ronaldo is free kick last season’s top scoring players, but also scored five goals, and in the past five seasons in the 2006-2007 season ronaldinho free-kick scored the most points is the player, he scored in the season six free kick, card can overtake even beyond solana the record, the masters of this free kick shrines, this is very important, and to look forward to.

If the card can have master’s free-kick solana aura, could this be in the national team for his hold position, to get at euro 2012 qualification? The answer is yes, and that’s not exaggerate the role of free kick, but at present the Spanish midfielder people are numerous make rational judgment. Harvey, iniesta, cesc fabregas, silva, mata, tiago and card sola, so that the seven of them for three main seats, Harvey have other players can rival the vision and big experience, beyond dispute occupy one of the team, rather than the typical giants player card left in the new position in the competition is not the dominant, if he can have the capital free kick, will naturally make balance to his side tilt.

Casolla can appear on the stage of euro 2012, deduce that one feet amorous feelings? This really is a problem, but also a is still unable to provide answers, but one thing’s I can sure is, if he will be in the present state continue to the end of the season, break ronaldinho recently five season six of the single season record isn’t free kick, also can’t understand a free-kick and ability, very low-key person sitting down.