Fun and Funky Kids Swim Goggles

It’s best to have your child wear a pair of goggles while in the water. Not only will they help keep him or her comfortable, but a good fitting pair of goggles can help your child become a better and more comfortable swimmers. Check out some of the fun and funky kids swim goggles below and see how they might help your child thoroughly enjoy a day at the pool.

Finis Jelly Toddler Goggles

Ideal for swimmers aged 2-6 years old, the Finis Jelly Toddler Goggles are the perfect ‘first pair’ for your little swimmer. They help provide your child with essential UV protection and are also coated to help keep fog at bay. The kids goggles also feature a back clasp, which makes fitting the pair around the head a snag-free breeze. Available in fun, tie-die colors, your pint-sized splasher will love sporting these at the pool.

Speedo Skoogles Kid’s Goggles

The Speedo Skoogles are another example of a great introductory goggle for swimmers as young as 3 years old. Their smaller than normal frame hugs the narrow features of a child’s face and helps create a water proof, comfortable fit. Plus, the Skoogles’ design incorporates a soft, flexible silicone frame that provides maximum comfort during extended wears. The junior goggle also features side release Speed Fit buttons for easy head adjustments. All around, the Speedo Skoogles are a great beginner pair of swim goggles.

Speedo Hydroshade Goggles

Not only are the Speedo Hydroshades are highly versatile fun and fitness swim goggle, but they also have a fun, eye-catching feature. When exposed to sunlight, the Hydroshades’ frames surprise kids by changing from blue to deep purple and light pink to deep fuchsia! It’s just one more way that this Speedo pair helps entice kids into the water for swim lessons. Besides your child being thrilled about the photochromatic design, you’ll love they the goggles help shield your child’s eyes from harmful UVA rays and provide a leak-free, comfortable fit for the entire day.

Aqua Sphere Vista Jr. Mask

Half mask, half goggle, the Aqua Sphere Vista Jr. Mask is the ideal swim goggle for a day at the beach or lake. Because of its larger than normal lenses, the mask wraps around a child’s face and provides them with an unparalleled panoramic view. It’s the perfect goggle for exploring the underwater world beneath the surface. The mask’s Quick-Fit strap features one-touch buckles for a customized and easy fit. And even though the Aqua Sphere hybrid mask provides a 180-degree view, it remains close to the face and low profile while swimming. Take this brightly colored pair along with you on a water-filled vacation and your child will be amazed at how well they can see the unique wildlife underwater.