Fantasy Football 2012 Players to Avoid

Half the battle of dominating fantasy football leagues is avoiding land mines and believe me, there are many of these to step over on the way to hoisting your championship trophy. In this article, I’ll highlight a few players whom should be avoided at all costs in your draft.

Eli Manning: ADP 68. He’s going as the 9th QB off the board around the 5th or 6th round. The QB position is very deep this season and reaching for a guy as inconsistent as Eli Manning to be your starter is going to give you headaches all season long. Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan are both being drafted behind him and offer significantly more upside. Both have the potential to be top 5 QBs by the end of the year. Peyton Manning is being drafted in front of his brother and while he’s a gamble there is certainly a ton of value in Peyton with his supporting cast in Denver. Do not reach for this quarterback here with talent like Bradford, Freeman, and Flacco available very late in the draft.

Trent Richardson: Yes, I know he is the only offensive figure in Cleveland and yes I know he’s probably going to get 50 carries per game. The problem here is that with an ADP of 13, there’s just too much risk for a guy who doesn’t have enough upside for that spot. At best, Richardson meets this draft spot and that’s if everything (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING) go his way. Brandon Weeden and Greg Little are going to have to prove they can be a threat through the air and if not, Richardson will be doomed. Sure he’s going to have a few breakout rushes and will probably be a top 20 running back in his rookie year but there’s just too much risk at taking him in this slot. If he’s somehow still available in the late 2 round, around 20+ I might take him. There is no value in this pick. Early on you need to be building your team on consistent and proven players not raw rookies.

Marshawn Lynch: He’s going to be suspended for a couple games and an idiot. Don’t be the guy to take him in your league at his current ADP of 27.

Jahvid Best: Not cleared for physical contact yet? WHAT! Best is one hit away from retiring and I’m saying this as a big fan of Jahvid. I actually picked him in the first round last season. At an ADP of 74, I’d rather take Ben Tate. The Lions have a crowded and talent back field too. Wait for Mikel LeShoure who will return much better value. I expect Best’s workload to be rather small especially to start the season. Avoid Best this year.

Roy Helu: Do you want to deal with the Shanahanagians this year? Because I don’t. Mike Shanahan Fs with running backs like their $20 hookers. I mean he really takes it to them. We’re talking about a guy who named the 3rd RB on his depth chart as the starter one day before the opener just to see how his true #1 RB would react. I was able to pick up Roy Helu on the waiver wire last year for a nice stretch of 2 or 3 games where he gave me a solid number of points. Then he vanished and Shanahan was done with him even though Helu proved at least to me that he was the most talented and athletic back that the Redskins have. With all those nightmare factors you still have to count RG3 taking some yards from all of the Redskins backs as a whole. I’m avoiding Helu heavily this year and begging the fantasy football gods to trade him.

Kenny Britt: I thought I got a steal last season, picking up a stud like Kenny Britt a full 20 spots after his ADP. Then he went down with that injury. Britt has run into trouble with the law again and I’m avoiding him this season. Sure he has all the talent in the world but he’s never going to put it together. Take Nate Washington as a WR3 and avoid this nuclear bomb.

Mario Manningham: He was a bust last year and he’s not going to do anything this season. The WR position is incredibly deep this go around and there’s no need to pick this guy up. Take Jon Baldwin or Brian Quick.

Chad Ochocino: Oh is it Chad Johnson now? Really? I don’t care because I’m not going to be the idiot in my draft to pick him up no matter what his name is. Davone Bess will own the number 1 spot in this depth chart even if he is a slot receiver. Chad won’t have anyone to fight out for a spot on Miami’s team but the QB situation there is dreadful and we can’t expect anything from Chad Whateveryourlastnameis. There is no value in picking him up. Avoid.