Detroit Lions Crush The Denver Broncos

The Detroit Lions made it quite evident. Tebow might be great at selling Denver Broncos Jerseys, he might be an invaluable asset to the community and quite plainly he is quite a terrific guy. But it seems that he just doesn’t have the mechanics or the precision needed to be a quarterback in the professional world. He might had been a very fine quarterback in college, but it’s just not enough to make a smooth transition when you want to play with the big boys on Sundays. The Lions sacked Tim Tebow seven times and turned two of his turnovers into touchdowns. The Lions are back in track after crushing the Denver Broncos at home 45-10.

The Denver Broncos fans got exactly what they had asked for. Head Coach John Fox had realized that after a 1-4 start, Kyle Orton wasn’t the way to go, and following a move that was in part a crowd pleaser and in part a plausible escape goat, he opted to replace Orton with Tim Tebow and get make him part of the starting lineup. On his first game at the helm, Tim Tebow was quite a blob for the first three and half quarters of the game against the winless Miami Dolphins. He then managed to score a couple of touchdowns in the last three minutes of the game to overcome a 15-0 deficit in the 4th quarter to eventually take an 18-15 win at overtime. For a moment there, the charismatic Tebow dropped on one knee and prayed after what seemed almost like a miraculous win, but then again there was nothing very heavenly or flawless about his game. This time around, Tebow was finally playing at the Mile High Stadium in Denver against a team that needed to overcome a two game skid that had tarnished what otherwise had been the best start of the season for the Detroit Lions in franchise history. Matthew Stafford knew that his two previous performances with the Lions had been quite weak, and even thought for much of the week it was uncertain if he would be healthy enough to start, Stafford wanted to crush Tim Tebow and prove that perhaps Tebow was the NCAA football star, but that it was Stafford who had the NFL potential. During the whole game, Stafford didn’t show signs of weakness. Never could we actually tell that he had suffered a sprained ankle just a week before.

He even managed to leave the game in the 4th quarter with a pristine jersey, after ha had completed 21 of his 30 attempts for 267 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. After the game, Tim Tebow was as optimistic as he has always been. “We’ll bounce back and have a great week of practice and get ready to go try and get a win next week,” he said at a postgame interview. But then again, that’s just too much optimism for a guy who completed 18 of 39 passes for 172 yards with one touchdown and one interception and one sack that ended with a Lions touchdown. John Fox said it almost three weeks ago. He’ll put Tebow instead of Orton, but he did realized it was going to take much more than just a new quarterback to get this team back in track. So far, Tebow hasn’t been the answer. It’s still uncertain if he’ll start on next week road game against the Oakland Raiders.