Build Muscle Quick- 5 Ways To Build Muscle Quick

I don?t think there?s a muscle builder out there who doesn?t want to know how to build muscle quick. The problem is however that most people don?t know how to do it. The good news is that these 5 tips will help anyone build muscles quick (even if you are a skinny hard gainer) safely and effectively. Furthermore they don?t require spending hours upon hours in the gym.

Ok, so let?s get started building muscle.

1. Never complete more than 10 reps per set. More than that and you are not emphasising the muscle fibers which allow for maximum muscle growth. Increase the size of the weight and perform less than 10 reps on each and every exercise.

2. Actually reduce your workout time. Perform more work in less time. Some people believe if they stay in the gym for hours then they must be building muscle, however if you are having large breaks in between each set then there is no point. Move away from your comfort zone and don?t be surprised if you start feeling a bit out of shape, this just means that you are working. Your fitness levels will improve and you will start to build muscle quick.

3. Perform one exercise per muscle group instead at hammering away at one muscle group and destroying it. Your goal is to improve on your workout each time and then allow the muscle to rest and grow.

4. No more than 3-5 sets. Except if you are using anabolic steroids or have very good muscle building genes. However If you are a hardgainer and are performing more than this then your intensity is lower than it should be. Only by improving on your last workout are you sparking your muscles into growth.

5. Every 2 weeks increase your strength by 5% at least. Too many people simply continue the same workout program each and every week without the concept of progress. If you are not putting any stress or strain on your muscles in the way of increasing the weights or reps, how are you supposed to gain any muscle? Focus on about a 5 % increase every 2 months. That way in 6 months you should be twice as strong as you are now. E.g. – If you are benching 140 lbs now aim for 280 lbs within a few months. This is one of the key ways to build muscles quick.

Ok, so now you know these 5 tips on how to build muscle quickly. Will you apply them and start to reap the benefits or will you follow what everyone else is doing and not see any results. The choice is up to you.