Best Swimsuits Brands Analysis

Swimwear (Swimsuits & Wetsuit) fabrics are technically superior materials used for swimwear in competitive water sports such as swimming and triathlon. Resources of this type are normally lycra and nylon blend fabrics with features to shrink drag against the water. The fabrics contain features that increase the swimmer’s slide along through the water and reduce the inclusion of water by the suit as opposed to ordinary swimsuits.

Some companies state that their fabrics decrease drag even more than the water’s regular friction against the skin. To do this they design high-end lines of competitive swimwear that wrap the arms and legs.

Iron Gear sports Swimwear (Swimsuits, Wetsuits) Features:

* Light weight

* vast stretch

* Low surface friction drag

* Water repellent

* Speedy drying

* Chlorine resistant

* Stretch and shape retention

Iron Gear sports provide high-technology fabric:


* PerlIzumi

* 2XU

* Orca

* Zoot

* Speedo


TYR is attractive brand in swimsuits. The greatest and most powerful lightweight swimsuit ever made.

Features of the TYR consist of:

* Lightweight and stretchable

* Higher compression compared to ordinary


* Enhanced permanence compared to ordinary


* Enhanced fit through computer modeling

* Minor surface friction drag at a fabric

level compared to ordinary fabrics

* Minor overall passive drag compared to

other light suits

* Water repulsive and speedy drying


The TYR features new water-repulsive fabric limited to TYR: LZR Pulse. This lightweight fabric is woven from chlorine resistant elastane and ultra fine nylon yarn. In test, the suit proved to have the minor water inclusion rate of woven fabrics allowing for a lighter feel and superior speed in the water. As the fastest drying suit on the market, this product offers superior comfort both inside and outside of the water.


The TYR provides the athlete with enhanced core stability during strokes and reduces energy loss through reduced muscle oscillation. It exerts extra power in a single square of fabric than other normal fabrics when tested � than any other lightweight suit.

Irongear Sports