10 Things To Do Before Your First Parachute Jump

10 Things To Do Before Your First Parachute Jump

Before you jump with a parachute write your will. Just kidding. Of course there are risks in skydiving but they are not higher than in other extreme sports. Leave wills to those who always worry. Focus on few things that really matter before your first jump. Here are they:

1. Find a drop zone. Of course you won’t travel days just to make a parachute jump. You need to find drop zone near you. If you are lucky to have several drop zones around you may be able to pick based on price, reputation, security and extra services they offer. Choosing a drop zone is important as first step because your cost and time planning depends on it.

2. Prepare some cash. You will need somewhere between $100 and $500 for your first jump (it varies a lot in different drop zones). You have to spare this cash before you can jump. There’s no need to buy equipment from the beginning however.

3. Be in good health. Obviously it’s good to be healthy before jumping. You don’t have to be super-fit or anything, just make sure you have no fever or broken leg (you’ll land on your legs). Some health conditions like high blood pressure or asthma might be a problem. In such case consult your doctor and the drop zone consultants.

4. Get a camera. Maybe you will not have time to take pictures during the jump but at least you’ll want to have a photo from before it and when you land. Don’t forget this, you will want to share pictures of your first jump.

5. Consider tandem jump. Tandems are great for first-timers. You will feel more confident and secure especially if you are jumping in tandem with an experienced skydiver.

6. Protect your glasses or contact lenses. If you wear glasses or contact lenses they may need to be protected before the jump. Consult your drop zone instructor regarding this.

7. Eat. It’s always a good idea to have some good food before the jump. You don’t want to think about your stomach instead of enjoying the jump, do you?

8. No alcohol. Leave drinking for the celebrations after the jump.

9. Bring spectators. Pictures are just pictures. Bring real spectators with you – friends or family members – to share the enjoyment of your first jump with you.

10. Buy insurance. It’s never a bad idea to have insurance. Most probably you will not use it, but it’s few bucks well spent.

It’s easy to remember these ten things but you can still write them down and check the once you have done.