Parkour Shoes – What You Should Be Looking For In The Perfect Pair

Parkour Shoes – What You Should Be Looking For In The Perfect Pair

Parkour shoes have become increasingly popular in places all over the world and they are flying off the shelves. Whether you already have a pair or two, or whether you have not ventured into the world of Parkour then there are a few things you need to look for in order to find the perfect pair for you.

The design and look

People are going to be looking at your Parkour shoes wherever you go and there is no stopping this. Aside from this, it is also important that you are happy with the design. The shoes that feature a single piece sole will often do better than the alternatives since they have less chance of separating from the shoe itself.

The weight

The last thing you want is a shoe that weights you down while you are walking or running. Parkour shoes features a range of lighter shoes, which should be a consideration if you find that you are always on the go. This makes training much more effective so you get the benefit of feeling freer and less limited, while still having shoes that are protective, comfortable and durable.

The sole

The sole of any shoe is the part that bears the brunt since it is on the receiving end of all that impact when you run or walk. The aim is to get a sole that is thick or thin enough to provide you with the feel that you need. Thinner soles are great of you want to get better at your technique since you will be able to be more sensitive to wear your feet are and how you land, but at the same time these will wear easily. Thicker soles will be more durable, but it will decrease the sensitivity that you experience when landing.