I Like Messi Playing Football Very Much

On September 29, 2011 in belarus champion bobby grip in the bart site, and the champions league champions trigger-happy superpowerdom to 5:0 to rival a lesson on the classical show-and-tell attack.

Leaving scored two degrees messi tied the library of 194 ball barak record, entering the Barcelona history the second top scorer, and ranked the top of cesar rodriguez is differred only 41 balls. Be worth what carry is, leaving the first ball Lionel messi scored with his head, this is also the first of the season with a header, lasted for 2008-2009 season every season since there will be the record header.

When fan for messi superb feet like technology, they may not realize that Argentina dwarfs and a pair of invisible wings, it often help Barcelona defender soul fly over, in order to show the way of pat head-butts comprehensive shooting. From the Spanish and the champions league to Argentina, heading for building is to be normal Lionel messi, who is 11 years old was diagnosed with a lack of hormones, lead to its height is only 1.69 meters little giant, but frequently to angel wings experience of flying over the sky pleasant sensation, this is not a miracle.

The best header

The only in Barcelona’s official website of the ten best ball selection Lionel messi header, be it as a personal career by far the most important goal…… “Little flea” best header, born in 2009, and the stadio olimpico champions league final night.

The night, Barcelona and Manchester united popularized the 2008-2009 champions league final battle, in the face of the steel walls, messi gaining momentum. Although united know the threat of Lionel messi up and down, but they dreamed Barcelona genius of scoring way so eerie. Eto ‘o after the break, the rest of the dribbling more courageous, also more firmly put before, and in the 70th minute, Edwin van der SAR open bigfoot ball, carles puyol midfielder right after stealing the ball local planning offensive, and eto ‘o pass is blocked, but Harvey ball right after continue to pounce, and in the box on the ball forward quickly, the ball over the top of the head of the take-off to the Rio Ferdinand, point of Lionel messi after spurned in place, six meters before the audacious header out over the 1.97 m of Edwin van der SAR high altitude straight into the top corner. Messi did help secure Barcelona and Manchester united by this, “the universe team” six champions league divine comedy king, completed the most beautiful notes.

In the most magnificent stage finish a strike ecstasy, messi in casual completed the personal career best header performance. Once upon a time, lack of size of 1.70 meters, often degenerate into the enemy’s Lionel messi Barcelona laughs, but Argentina magic at first with feet let all skeptics shut up, and then finished the most classical with head of a masterpiece, when he in the box in the ground, when his head kiss to the sky, even if such as Edwin van der SAR such giant, also in Lionel messi kneel before. Played the full 93 minutes to surprised hong a strike shattered the united comeback dream, break every premiership clubs dumb fire embarrassment, lifting up for Barcelona in the history of the champions league third seat…… May 28, 2009 dream night, messi is best actor.

After the game the ole “for messi’s performance admit defeat:” it’s a fantastic, Lionel messi header in the air with the stagnation, the resulting results, the group also red Manchester united in Rome became the king of Europe. With Lionel messi, especially since this season in the champions league final of the perfect play, he’s likely to double footballer crowned.” In Barcelona’s official website of the top 10 goals in the Lionel messi, Argentina in 2009 champions league goal in the final list, this also is the only thing he selected header. In accepting the Goal. Com interview, messi their poems: “in all of my Goal, the header different, that is very special, the Goal can always bring me happy memories.”

In small cardiac big

From the start of the 2008 season, Lionel messi header each season has the record, he fought with small, vertical blow experience, still let countless Barcelona fans and Argentina with relish.

The 2008-2009 season 3 round west huge, and competitive home 1: flood six defeat in Barcelona, Philly Lionel messi scored twice. On 85 minutes, the bottom left iniesta cross, Lionel messi and volleyed in front of, for the visiting team scored the game’s fifth ball; One minute before the final, the Barcelona forward with clouds flowing water, Po Yang fired all the way to the floater back heel, Harvey into the penalty area right cross, Lionel messi header in the penalty cleverly near, the final score on 6:1. Messi header capped fans to see. Since then the Argentine again many a secret weapon, those who stared at the genius of Argentina steps guy, but more a mind’s eye.

The 2009-2010 season 2 wheels west huge, Barcelona away 2:0 win over getafe, does 66 minutes shovel shot broke the deadlock, 80 minutes “Sweden the scorpion” and for messi to assists. Back then alves inclined preach the box on the right, zlatan ibrahimovic small penalty area the pick, Lionel messi header using overnight, help secure Barcelona. This ball benefit from Barcelona of the stars tacit cooperation, with the power of the take-off in Lionel messi moment, he has N kinds of choices, it is difficult to rescue the keeper to remember one in the header.

Last season the huge 25 wheel, Barcelona away 3:0 victory over mallorca, messi header for “the universe team” opened the door of victory. The third 8 minutes, the Barcelona forward after attack steals organization when keita from the left wing to open a gap, a feet sent out into the box, Lionel messi in 1. 7 6 m P. Philippe senderos and 1. 8 5 meters nunes back under the chase with headers completed a precise audacious, attack, beyond the watt, can only watch the ball in the net. The, quote, “said after the game,” Lionel messi goal number, but a lot of the header is not much–and, of course, his every header rather key.” Diariosport is praised the break is Lionel messi the turning point of the game, “Lionel messi before the team goals mallorca offensive strong, but in Argentina after scoring genius, opponents will become discouraged ball. No doubt, is pulled open Barcelona performance goals Lionel messi began.”

Lionel messi of this season first header, in the champions league second round 5:0 stomp Barcelona in the game to Boris grip arrives too late. 38 minutes Harvey ball, pedro cross caused on the right of keeper ancient tuor parries and Lionel messi headed the first success came, and scored the game’s Barcelona the third goal, then shot the goal he scored two goals and tied the Hungarian legend in Barcelona striker library barak 194 pitches record. Lionel messi header is the difficulty of the game is not big, but his shot smell and immediate reaction is a first-class, the record header into a willow, witness the best players in the world of shot intuition.

Lionel messi in Barcelona in not only represent the Spanish and the champions league had headed the scoring record, Argentina also had aloft working “record”. The 2010 World Cup qualifiers, Argentina, Uruguay’s home 2 1 get all three points, as countries the most big-name stars terry, Argentina’s tactical almost all around Lionel messi. 6 minutes, carlos tevez’s shot is blocked by the opponent, then riquelme ball at the far, Lionel messi header before quickly inserted, get dream start for Argentina. After scoring the macy’s very excited, his shirt open their run, inside T-shirt impressively printing a “Teamopapi (I love you dad)” message.

Before the game, Argentina has five war winless, appear prospects are grim, the rest of the stand and make “mid-latitudes-the hawk” the long drought river-beds. Messi after the game, said: “we must prove Argentina is still South American rivals, the team’s recent state not beautiful, but we’re not soft persimmon. We must beat Uruguay, no matter from strength or the game perspective, we all deserve the three points.” To leaders identity leads a team out of mud, is just provisions of Lionel messi movements, but his header building scene, or make his teammates are surprised by: “I didn’t know that” little flea ‘and this recruit.”

Since his debut for four seasons to keep the record header, this to 1.69 m in the Lionel messi is not easy. Sweat profusely training, strong break desire, super game reading force, superior football IQ, is to a man in macy’s competitors in the field of important factors is often more header.

Early in the 2009 champions league final before began, “world sport” disclosure for Manchester united and Barcelona have peak prepared deadly confrontation weapon, and that is a messi header. In recent months, Lionel messi at the team’s training routine special strengthen the practice in the header, the Argentine silvinho buddies game opponents warned: “you want to be careful, messi header more and more good, I feel his head as powerful as the hammer.” Barcelona fitness coach Juan khodorkovsky also said: “messi header force is very, very cool.”

How to strengthen the training of Lionel messi header? The reason is very simple, he wants to make himself more comprehensive. Messi feet can spawn of beautiful ornate attack storm, but owing to the height, the head became his biggest weakness. The Argentine hope to improve your weak points of positive, for through the training of balls further complete accurate judgment, and master of the takeoff time right, enhance aloft ability and physical coordination, when you need to give the enemy in a fatal blow. Messi body is not strong, he can’t be in the top PinCiDao opponents argue with, and to look for defense of the situation of the weak point, and then apply the use head kung fu.

Massey’s football IQ of silvinho praise: “he in vertical takeoff has a big progress, so he can or header. His is not tall, but bounce good, in addition, he also observant, on the pitch DongReGuanHuo situation, strong strength is also his legs competing for a header guarantee.” Messi could not be the real comeback: header, but his head kung fu in the past, now and in the future, could be the vertical hitting tool-Manchester united, mallorca, getafe and have team exposed, the next unlucky ghost, who would it be?